802.1CF Network Reference Model and Functional Description of IEEE 802 Access Network

This Recommended Practice specifies an access network, which connects terminals to their access routers, utilizing technologies based on the family of IEEE 802 Standards by providing an access network reference model, including entities and reference points along with behavioral and functional descriptions of communications among those entities. Heterogeneous networks may include multiple network interfaces, multiple… read more »

P802.1Qcj – Automatic Attachment to Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) services

This standard specifies the protocols, procedures and management objects for auto-attachment of network devices to Provider Backbone service instances by using Type, Length, Value (TLVs) within the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) This amendment simplifies the deployment and administration of PBB networks, e.g. controlled by Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), by allowing for automatic configuration of… read more »