802.1 WG Voting Membership

Officers and Management of 802.1: Glenn Parsons  Working Group Chair John Messenger  Working Group Vice-chair Mick Seaman Chair, Security Task Group Janos Farkas Chair, Time Sensitive Networking Task Group Craig Gunther Secretary,  Time Sensitive Networking Task Group Max Riegel Chair, OmniRAN Task Group Jessy Rouyer  Working Group Secretary Paul Unbehagen Webmaster Hal Keen Mailing lists… read more »

WG Policies and Procedures

IEEE 802.1 operates under the hierarchy of rules defined in the IEEE 802 Procedural Documents and IEEE-SA Policies and Procedures.  The most relevant of these are: IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual IEEE 802 Policies & Procedures IEEE 802 Operations Manual IEEE 802 Working Group Policies and Procedures It should be noted that IEEE 802.1 does not… read more »