IEEE 802.1 working group documents are mostly public access, however, drafts under development are private to working group participants.  Please note that while read access is provided to the public, write access is granted only to participants of IEEE 802.1.

NOTICE: Contributions to an IEEE Standards Project are submitted to IEEE Standards Association for review, consideration, and possible use in a draft IEEE standard. The Contributions remain the property of the respective copyright owners. The views expressed in any Contribution are those of the authors and may not represent a position of the IEEE Standards Working Group, IEEE, or IEEE Standards Association. You are permitted to view the Contributions as an interested party in the development of the IEEE Standards Project. Use of Contributions are only permitted with respect to standards development in the IEEE Standards Project to which it was contributed. Any other use requires permission from the copyright owners of the Contributions.

The public document repository is organized as follows:

The private document repository is organized by project:

Published IEEE 802.1 standards are available free of charge six months after publication from IEEE Xplore:

For the first six months, they are available on Xplore for those with subscriptions, and for sale individually from the TechStreet (note that corrigenda are free of charge).    Drafts at the sponsor ballot level are also available for purchase.