P802.1Qdj – Configuration Enhancements for Time-Sensitive Networking

This amendment specifies procedures, interfaces, and managed objects to enhance the three models of ‘Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) configuration’. It specifies enhancements to the User/Network Interface (UNI) to include new capabilities to support bridges and end stations in order to extend the configuration capability. This amendment preserves the existing separation between configuration models and protocol specifications. This amendment also addresses errors and omissions in the description of existing functionality.

The management models and User/Network Interface (UNI) already described in Clause 46: Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) configuration of IEEE Std 802.1Q include only the concepts (e.g. in form of a YANG types module) for managing bridged LANs using Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) features. In order to be able to fully manage such bridged LANs with TSN features, comprehensive interfaces and management modules are required that are currently not available. Enhancements are especially needed for the ‘fully centralized’ and ‘centralized network/distributed user’ configuration models. The proposed amendment will address these issues.

Current Status

StatusPublished Standard
DocumentIEEE Std 802.1Qdj-2024 (May, 2024)
PAR & CSDFull title: Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Bridges and Bridged Networks — Amendment: Configuration Enhancements for Time-Sensitive Networking
PAR (Approved: 05 Sep 2019; Expires: 31 Dec 2025)
EditorStephan Kehrer


10 Mar 2024P802.1Qdj, Draft 2.2, comment disposition
26 Feb 2024P802.1Qdj, Draft 2.2
26 Jan 2024P802.1Qdj, Draft 2.0, final comment disposition (v2)
16 Nov 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 2.0
16 Oct 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.3, final comment disposition (v1)
15 Sep 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.3
13 Sep 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.2, final comment disposition (v1)
16 Aug 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.2
12 Jul 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.1, final comment disposition (v1)
2 Jun 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.1
18 May 2023P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.0, final comment disposition (v2)
9 Nov 2022P802.1Qdj, Draft 1.0
13 Sep 2022P802.1Qdj, Draft 0.3, final comment disposition (v1)
3 Jun 2022P802.1Qdj, Draft 0.3
10 May 2022P802.1Qdj, Draft 0.2, final comment disposition (v1)
17 Dec 2021P802.1Qdj, Draft 0.2
15 Mar 2021P802.1Qdj, Draft 0.1, final comment disposition (v1)
20 Nov 2020P802.1Qdj, Draft 0.1
5 Nov 2020P802.1Qdj, Draft 0.0

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Important NOTICE on contributions.

24 Jan 2024Suggested updates for 2.0 of P802.1Qdj – Mick Seaman
12 Sep 2023UNI: An idea taken too far – Norman Finn
12 Jul 2023P802.1Qdj draft PAR extension
12 Jul 2023P802.1Qdj draft PAR extension – Resolution of Comments
05 Jul 2023Suggested text for 1.3 of P802.1Qdj – Mick Seaman
14 May 2023IEEE P802.1Qdj Status Overview – Stephan Kehrer
13 Jan 2023Qdj Draft 1.0 Comments Rationale & Proposed Solutions – Rodrigo Coelho
11 Jul 2022P802.1Qdj/D0.3, Editor’s Report for Ballot Comment Resolution (v1) – Stephan Kehrer
10 May 2022Capabilities extension for the TSN UNI traffic specification – Konstantinos Alexandris, Lihao Chen, Tongtong Wang
9 May 2022Update on P802.1Qdj/d0.3 – Stephan Kehrer
9 May 2022Revisiting Need for Config Domain ID Object in IEEE 802.1Qdj – Rodrigo Coelho
9 May 2022Capability Models for Nodes and Dynamic Behavior of CNCs & CUCs – Rodrigo Coelho
9 May 2022Accounting for multiple CUCs and CNCs – Rodrigo Coelho
9 Mar 2022TSN Domain definition – Stephan Kehrer
19 Jan 2022P802.1Qdj/D0.2, Editor’s Report for Ballot Comment Resolution (v1) – Stephan Kehrer
21 Jan 2022YANG module – ieee802-dot1dj-tsn-config-uni – Rodrigo Coelho
17 Dec 2021NETCONF – Simultaneous Requests – Nemanja Stamenic
12 Nov 2021UNI Requirements – Rodrigo Coelho
22 Sep 2021CNC Requirements (updated version) – Rodrigo Coelho
14 Jul 2021CNC Requirements – Rodrigo Coelho
14 Jul 2021P802.1Qdj/D0.2 Editor’s Report – Stephan Kehrer
14 Jul 2021Configuration Enhancements for Wireless TSN – Maik Seewald, Dave Cavalcanti, Juan Fang, Javier Perez-Ramirez
5 May 2021Proposal for MaxLatency Definition Enhancement – Johannes Specht
5 May 2021MaxLatency Contribution – Astrit Ademaj
12 Apr 2021MaxLatency Architectural Considerations – Astrit Ademaj
12 Apr 2021MaxLatency Problem Description – Astrit Ademaj
5 May 2021CNC-CUC UNI Talker requirements – Astrit Ademaj
22 Jan 2021CNC and CUC roles – Astrit Ademaj
14 Dec 2020MaxLatency Definition and Deadline – Astrit Ademaj
14 Dec 2020P802.1Qdj/D0.1, Editor’s Report for Ballot Comment Resolution (v1) – Stephan Kehrer
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23 Sep 2020Configuration Enhancements for 5G as TSN Bridge – János Farkas, Balázs Varga, György Miklós
23 Sep 2020IEEE P802.1Qdj – Update on draft d0.0 and way forward – Stephan Kehrer
20 May 2020Presentation dj-kehrer-P8021Qdj-d0-0-update-0520-v01.pdf
12 Mar 2019Presentation new-kehrer-TSN-Configuration-Enhancements-0319-v01.pdf

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