802.1 Local Address Study Group

The 802.1 Local Address Study Group was formed at the November 2014 Plenary session following discussion of the proposed P802c PAR. Having completed its work, the study group terminated in July 2015, with the work continuing in the Addressing and Data Center Bridging task group. Under its charter, it

  • Developed a PAR and CSD for a recommendation on Local Address usage
  • Developed a PAR on protocols for local and multicast address acquisition

The file naming convention for this study group was:


Filename template Document
lasg-shortname-title-mmyy-vNN.xtn Presentation or document for Local Address Study Group, authored by shortname with title title, dated MMYY (e.g., 0115 for January 2015), optionally version-numbered NN. “xtn” is a filename extension, such as “.pdf”.


Please note that the file name cannot contain any spaces or special characters.



Date Document
3 Nov 2014 LA Nov session: Introductory Remarks, Glenn Parsons, Ericsson
3 Nov 2014 LA Nov session: Background Material, Pat Thaler, Broadcom
3 Nov 2014 LA Nov session: Some Things are Better Left Unmanaged, Dan Harkins, Aruba Networks
3 Nov 2014 LA Nov session: IEEE 802 Privacy ECSG Summary of Concerns, Juan Carlos Zuniga, InterDigital
3 Nov 2014 LA Nov session: Zonal Address Partitioning in the Local Space, Roger Marks, EthAirNet Associates
3 Nov 2014 LA Nov session: Motivations for CID creation and encouragement for use of local addresses, Bob Grow
3 Nov 2014 LA Nov session: Privacy in DSRC V2X communication, John Kenney, Toyota
12 Jan 2015 Presentation lasg-marks-local-address-switching-0115-v00.pdf
13 Jan 2015 Presentation lasg-cas-detection-of-duplicated-mac-addresses-0115-v00.pdf
13 Jan 2015 Presentation lasg-marks-p802c-proposed-draft-0115-v00.pdf
13 Jan 2015 Presentation lasg-mjt-par-csd-update-0115-v01.pdf
13 Jan 2015 Presentation lasg-mjt-protocol-par-csd-0115-v00.pdf
14 Jan 2015 Presentation lasg-moskowitz-secure-moderated-random-mac-addresses-0115-v01.ppt
15 Jan 2015 Presentation lasg-mjt-protocol-par-csd-0115-v01.pdf
20 Jan 2015 Presentation new-addresses-thaler-local-address-usage-par-0115-v1.pdf
21 Jan 2015 Presentation admin-minutes-lasg-0115-v01.docx
04 Feb 2015 Presentation lasg-mjt-802c-CSD-0115-v02.pdf
09 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-marks-p802c-csd-comments.pdf
10 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-marks-p802c-csd-comments-01.pdf
10 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-marks-protocol-par-comments.pdf
11 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-haddock-consolidated-par-csd-comments-0315-v0.pptx
11 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-haddock-consolidated-par-csd-comments-0315-v1.pdf
11 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-mjt-802c-CSD-0315-v01.pdf
11 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-mjt-802c-CSD-0315-v02.pdf
11 Mar 2015 Presentation lasg-mjt-protocol-par-csd-0115-v02.pdf
11 Mar 2015 Presentation new-addresses-thaler-local-address-par-v02.pdf


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