802.1 maintains a database of completed and outstanding maintenance activities which are accessible from this page. Note that only activities organized under the 802.1 Maintenance process are here. This process was initiated in March 2011.

802.1 maintenance requests are accepted from voting members of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group using the ASCII form below.

Please supply all of the requested information, and email your form to the Maintenance Request Reflector. The body of the email request should be addressed to the Chair of IEEE 802.1, Glenn Parsons, and copied to the Vice-Chair of IEEE 802.1, John Messenger and the Maintenance TG Chair, Paul Congdon. The Maintenance Email Archive may contain requests that have not yet been included in the database. Questions about the process or particular requests can also be directed to those people.

New requests are initially considered by the standing Maintenance Task Group. The deadline is 35 calendar days prior to the meeting of the Maintenance Task Group (although in practice they can often be dealt with regardless). Requests received after the deadline may be considered at a subsequent meeting of the Maintenance Task Group.

Active Projects

  • 802.1ACct – Support for IEEE Std 802.15.3
  • 802.1Q-Rev – Revision of 802.1Q-2018 (roll-up of amendments and several minor bug fixes).

Completed Projects

Agendas for upcoming conference calls – Click Here!


Previous Meeting Minutes

Maintenance Minutes

2011/03/16March 2011 minutes
2011/07/19July 2011 minutes
2011/09/14Sep 2011 minutes
2011/11/09Nov 2011 minutes
2012/01/17Jan 2012 minutes
2012/03/15Mar 2012 minutes
2012/07/18Revised maintenance request form
2012/09/05Jul 2012 minutes
2012/09/13Sep 2012 minutes
2012/11/13Nov 2012 minutes
2013/01/17Jan 2013 minutes
2013/03/21Mar 2013 minutes
2013/05/17May 2013 minutes
2013/07/18Jul 2013 minutes
2013/09/05Sep 2013 minutes
2013/11/14Nov 2013 minutes
2014/03/17Jan 2014 minutes
2014/03/21Mar 2014 minutes
2014/05/11Revised maintenance request form
2014/05/14May 2014 minutes
2014/09/03Jul 2014 minutes
2014/09/09Sep 2014 minutes
2015/01/07Nov 2014 minutes
2015/01/12Jan 2015 minutes
2015/03/12Jan 2015 minutes
2016/03/17Mar 2015 minutes
2016/03/17May 2015 minutes
2016/03/17Jul 2015 minutes
2015/09/09Sep 2015 minutes
2015/11/12Nov 2015 minutes
2016/03/16Jan 2016 minutes
2016/03/16Mar 2016 minutes
2016/05/24May 2016 minutes
2016/10/27Sep 2016 minutes
2016/11/07Jul 2016 minutes
2016/11/09Nov 2016 minutes
2017/01/17Jan 2017 minutes
2017/03/29Mar 2017 minutes
2017/06/22May 2017 minutes
2017/06/27June 2017 teleconference minutes
2017/07/06July 2017 minutes
2017/09/07September 2017 minutes
2017/11/07November 2017 minutes
2018/01/16January 2018 teleconference minutes
2018/01/23January 2018 minutes
2018/05/22May 2018 minutes
2018/07/10July 2018 minutes
2018/09/11September 2018 minutes
2018/11/06November 2018 teleconference minutes
2018/11/13November 2018 minutes
2019/01/15January 2019 minutes
2019/03/12March 2019 minutes
2019/05/14May 2019 teleconference minutes
2019/05/21May 2019 minutes
2019/07/16July 2019 minutes
2019/09/03September 2019 teleconference minutes
2019/09/10September 2019 minutes
2019/11/12November 2019 minutes
2020/01/21January 2020 minutes (draft)
2020/03/10March 10th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/03/19March 19th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/04/14April 14th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/04/28April 28th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/05/12May 12th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/05/21May 21st 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/06/04June 4th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/06/18June 18th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/07/07July 7th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/07/14July 14th 2020 teleconference minutes
2020/09/15September 15th 2020 teleconference minutes