802.1 Technical Plenary

The 802.1 Working Group is responsible for the 802 Architecture and interworking between 802 technologies.

The 802.1 Technical Plenary is a vehicle for addressing specific technical problems across all 802. It is chaired by the 802.1 WG chair and is convened when there are specific topics identified.

Recent Past meetings

November 6, 2017

Future Meetings

Thursday, December 2, 2021 4pm – 6pm ET

This is the first in a series to kick off a wider discussion on the 802 Overview & Architecture.

This series of meetings would:

  • Provide wider awareness for the need to revise IEEE Std 802
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss the content – notably should it be the same or should it add more architecture
  • Provide examples of the current 802 architecture (i.e., spread around in 802, .1Q, .1AC, .3, .11, .15.x, …)
  • Identify gaps in the current architecture

In addition, this would provide the opportunity to discuss technical points across all WGs, for example:

  • MAC service interface (and its support of 802 MAC/PHYs)
  • 48 and 64 bit bridging
  • Protocol IDs and their encoding – Length/Type and LLC

Attendance is open to all 802 WG participants. WG chairs are invited to identify at least one voting member to attend.

Topics for discussion can be proposed to the 802.1 WG chair. The agenda and topics for this meeting will be posted 14 days in advance.