802.1BA-Rev – Revision to IEEE Std 802.1BA-2011

The full title of this amendment is “Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Systems”.

The scope of this standard is to define profiles that select features, options, configurations, defaults, protocols and procedures of bridges, stations and LANs that are necessary to build networks that are capable of transporting time sensitive audio and/or video data streams.

The purpose of this standard is to specify defaults and profiles that manufacturers of LAN equipment can use to develop AVB-compatible LAN components, and to enable a person not skilled in networking to build a network, using those components, that does not require configuration to provide working audio and/or video services.

This project is needed to incorporate corrigendum 802.1BA-2011/Cor1-2016 and accumulated maintenance changes (editorial and technical corrections) into the standard.

Current Status

Status Project approved
Current Draft  None Yet
PAR  PAR (Approved: XXXX; Expires: XXXX)
Editor  David McCall


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