Flexible Factory IoT

Nendica Work Item: Flexible Factory IoT [FFIOT]

Work Item Editor: Nader Zein (NEC) Call for Comments: 2019-07-19 through 2019-08-18 Nendica Draft Report: “Flexible Factory IoT: Use Cases and Communication Requirements for Wired and Wireless Bridged Networks” Nendica solicits comments on the changes indicated in 802.1-19-0026-02-ICne agreed as a Nendica Draft Report, 2019-07-18 Call for Comments period: 2019-07-19 through 2019-08-18 (Anywhere on Earth)… read more »

Nendica: IEEE 802 “Network Enhancements for the Next Decade” Industry Connections Activity

Background ICAID IC17-001-02: IEEE 802 Network Enhancements for the Next Decade This activity is assessing emerging requirements for IEEE 802-based communication infrastructures, identifying commonalities, gaps, and trends not currently addressed by IEEE 802 standards and projects. It is facilitating industry consensus on topics that that result in proposals to initiate new standards development efforts. The… read more »