Nendica Work Item: Flexible Factory IoT [FFIOT]

Work Item Editor:

  • Nader Zein (NEC)

Call for Comments: 2019-03-22 through 2019-04-15

Nendica Draft Report: “Flexible Factory IoT: Use Cases and Communication Requirements for Wired and Wireless Bridged Networks”

  • Nendica solicits comments on 802.1-19-0026-00-ICne
    • agreed as a Nendica Draft Report, 2019-03-12
  • Call for Comments period: 2019-03-22 through 2019-04-12 (Anywhere on Earth) [extended to 2019-04-15 ET]
  • Participation is open to all and is encouraged. Nendica will address every comment but does not guarantee to accept every comment nor to provide an explicit response. Feel free to notify the Nendica Chair of your contact information if you would like to have further discussions of your comment or of the topic in general; without such information, Nendica may be unable to reach you.
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Draft Nendica Report, Version 2:

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