802.1 WG Voting Membership

Officers and Management of 802.1:

Glenn Parsons  Working Group Chair
John Messenger  Working Group Vice-chair
Mick Seaman Chair, Security Task Group
Janos Farkas Chair, Time Sensitive Networking Task Group
Craig Gunther Secretary,  Time Sensitive Networking Task Group
Ludwig Winkel Chair, IEC/IEEE 60802 Joint Project
Josef Dorr Secretary, IEC/IEEE 60802 Joint Project
Max Riegel Chair, OmniRAN Task Group
Paul Congdon Chair, Maintenance Task Group
Roger Marks Chair, NEND Industry Connections Activity
Scott Mansfield Chair, YANGsters
Jessy Rouyer  Working Group Secretary
Paul Unbehagen Webmaster
Hal Keen
Marc Hantel
Mailing lists

IEEE Standards Association Staff Liaison:

Nicholas Orlando

Voting members of  802.1:

The following list of WG voting members is current as of December 2018:

1 Assmann Ralf Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
2 Bierschenk Jens Robert Bosch GmbH
3 Boiger Christian b-plus GmbH
4 Bottorff Paul Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
5 Canchi Radhakrishna Kyocera International Inc.
6 Chen David Nokia
7 Chen Feng Siemens AG
8 Cheng Weiying Coriant
9 Congdon Paul Tallac Networks; Huawei
10 Cummings Rodney National Instruments Corporation
11 Elbakoury Hesham Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
12 Farkas Janos Ericsson
13 Finn Norman Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
14 Garner Geoffrey Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
15 Gray Eric W Ericsson
16 Gunther Craig Harman International Industries, Inc.
17 Gutierrez Marina TTTech Computertechnik AG
18 Haddock Stephen Stephen Haddock Consulting, LLC
19 Hantel Mark Rockwell Automation
20 Holness Marc Ciena Corporation
21 Itaya Satoka National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
22 Kabra Lokesh Synopsys, Inc.
23 Karl Michael Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
24 Kehrer Stephan Hirschmann Automation and Control, Inc.
25 Koto Hajime National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
26 Mangin Christophe Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
27 Mansfield Scott Ericsson
28 Maruhashi Kenichi NEC Corporation
29 McIntosh James Microsemi Corporation
30 Messenger John ADVA Optical Networking Ltd.
31 Mustala Tero Nokia
32 Ohsawa Tomoki National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
33 Ohue Hiroshi Panasonic Corporation
34 Pannell Donald R NXP Semiconductors
35 Parsons Glenn Ericsson
36 Pienciak Walter Independent
37 Potts Michael General Motors Company
38 Qiu Wei Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
39 Randall Karen Independent
40 Riegel Maximilian Nokia
41 Rouyer Jessy V Nokia
42 Sato Atsushi Yokogawa Electric Corporation
43 Schewe Frank Phoenix Contact
44 Seaman Michael Individual
45 Specht Johannes University of Duisburg-Essen and General Motors Company
46 Unbehagen Paul Avaya Inc.
47 Wang Xinyuan Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
48 Wang Tongtong Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
49 Wang Hao Fujitsu Research & Development Center
50 Weber Karl Beckhoff
51 Weis Brian Cisco Systems, Inc.
52 Winkel Ludwig Siemens AG
53 Woods Jordon Analog Devices Inc.
54 Yamaura Takahiro Toshiba
55 Yu Xiang Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
56 Zein Nader NEC Corporation

Ex-officio members of 802.1:

Members of the 802 Executive Committee (EC) are ex-officio members of all 802 Working Groups.

Potential members of 802.1:

The following have indicated that they wish to become voting members and have sufficient qualifying session attendances to claim voting status at the next Plenary session they attend:

  1. Bao, Shenghua

Aspirant members of 802.1:

The following currently have enough qualifying session attendance to be eligible for voting membership at the next plenary, but have not indicated to me via email their intention to become voting members:

  1. Bechtel, Gordon
  2. Chang, Xin
  3. Chou, Vincent
  4. DeLaOlivaDelgado, Antonio
  5. Dorr, Josef
  6. Ellegard, Lars
  7. Fan, Xiaojing
  8. Fontaine, Mikael
  9. Gravel, Mark
  10. Harima, Taro
  11. Hasegawa, Akio
  12. Hotta, Yoshifumi
  13. Ito, Yoshihiro
  14. Kabra, Lokesh
  15. Kondo, Yoshihiso
  16. Osagawa, Daisuke
  17. Seewald, Maik
  18. Stanica, Marius
  19. Steindl, Guenter
  20. Sun, Wenhao
  21. Tarui, Isao
  22. Wood, Graeme
  23. Zuponcic, Steven