P802.1Qdd – Resource Allocation Protocol

This amendment specifies protocols, procedures, and managed objects for a Resource Allocation Protocol (RAP) that uses the Link-local Registration Protocol (LRP) and supports and provides backwards compatibility with the stream reservation and quality of service capabilities, controls and protocols specified in IEEE Std 802.1Q. RAP provides support for accurate latency calculation and reporting, can use redundant paths established by other protocols, and is not limited to bridged networks.

A signaling protocol that performs distributed and dynamic resource management and admission control is an essential component for automatic configuration in bridged LANs requiring latency and bandwidth guarantees. Current IEEE 802.1Q Multiple Stream Reservation Protocol (MSRP) is constrained by the capability of its underlying IEEE 802.1Q Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP) and does not efficiently support a large reservation database. For use in distributed stream reservation, IEEE 802.1Q MSRP does not make use of all available Quality of Service provisions and does not support reservation for the streams in need of high availability by use of the technologies specified in IEEE Std 802.1CB. The proposed amendment will address these issues.

Current Status

Status 6th TG ballot
Current Draft D0.7 (13 Mar 2023)
PAR & CSD Full title: Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Bridges and Bridged Networks — Amendment: Resource Allocation Protocol
PAR (Approved: 27 Sep 2018; Expires: 31 Dec 2025)
Editor Feng Chen


Date Document
14 July 2023 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.7 final comment disposition
13 Mar 2023 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.7
19 Sep 2022 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.6 final comment disposition
13 May 2022 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.6
18 Oct 2021 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.5 final comment disposition
1 Sept 2021 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.5
11 Feb 2021 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.4 final comment disposition
20 Nov 2020 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.4
5 Nov 2020 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.3
24 June 2020 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.2 final comment disposition
19 May 2020 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.2
3 Dec 2019 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.1 final comment disposition
21 Oct 2019 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.1
16 July 2019 802.1Qdd, Draft 0.0

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Important NOTICE on contributions.

Date Document
13 Sep 2023 Some Necessary Managed Objects in 802.1Qdd Use Cases from Management and Configuration
12 Jul 2023 Proposed RAP Extensions for RA Class Templates to support LNI Usecases
12 Jul 2023 LNI 4.0 Contribution to IEEE P802.1Qdd D0.7 Template support based on a Time Aware Shaper Traffic Class
24 Apr 2023 Editor’s Report for D0.7 Ballot Comment Resolution
30 Jan 2023 Latency Model and Example Reservation Flow in RAP
14 Nov 2022 Reworking on the extensions of UNI traffic specification and status for flexible scheduling in RAP
11 Jul 2022 Editor’s Report for D0.6 Ballot Comment Resolution
13 May 2022 Measurement Points for Worst-Case Per-Hop Latency Computation
14 Mar 2022 Editor’s Update for Draft 0.6
07 Mar 2022 Proposed RAP Extensions for the “Centralized network/distributed user model” & Scheduling
21 Feb 2022 Proposed Text for a Reworked P802.1Qdd RAP Propagator
21 Feb 2022 Reworking RAP Propagator
12 Nov 2021 Strict Priority RA Class
24 Sep 2021 Editor’s Report for D0.5 Ballot Comment Resolution
16 July 2021 Traffic Specification Types in Qdd
16 July 2021 Preview of Draft 0.5
18 May 2021 Motivations, Features and Prospects
5 Nov 2020 Introduction to RAP Participant in D0.3
22 June 2020 Editor’s Report for D0.2 Ballot Comment Resolution
19 May 2020 Examples for Using Multiple-Context Talker Announce for Redundancy
02 Mar 2020 Bridge-Local Guaranteed Latency with Strict Priority Scheduling
07 Jan 2020 Cyclic Queuing and Forwarding, Paternoster, and TSpecs
13 Nov 2019 Editor’s Report for D0.1 Ballot Comment Resolution
20 Sep 2019 Domain Detection and Stream Protection
17 Jul 2019 Introduction to D0.0
17 Jun 2019 Reservation with RAP for ATS
13 Mar 2019 text contribution
16 Jan 2019 Support for μStream Aggregation in RAP
10 Dec 2018 Aggregatin of micro-streams into one common stream
04 Oct 2018 Reconciling requirements for RAP, LRP, MSRP, CUC, and CNC
14 Sep 2018 RAP – LRP interaction
07 Nov 2017 RAP white paper update
07 Nov 2017 RAP white paper

Contributions leading to RAP (and LRP)

Important NOTICE on contributions.

Date Document
26 Jan 2018 How to Document RAP Specification — as an amendment to 802.1Q or stand-alone
08 Sep 2017 More Details on Resource Allocation Protocol (RAP)
18 May 2017 Resource Allocation Protocol (RAP) based on 802.1CS Link-local Registration Protocol — Feature Proposal
18 May 2017 Proposal for a Resource Allocation Protocol based on 802.1CS LRP — Industrial Requirements
12 Sep 2016 Proposals for TSN Stream Reservation Class
27 Jul 2016 Discussion of PAR for Link-Local Registration Protocol (LRP)
26 Jul 2016 Configurable Stream Reservation Class for TSN
14 Mar 2016 MSRPv2 for Stream Registration and Reservation
09 Sep 2015 Registration and Reservation / Signaling — New Protocol Version supporting Decentralized Organized Networks
09 Sep 2015 New Data Objects & New Protocols
14 May 2014 Details about Industrial Network use cases

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