P802.1CB-2017/Cor1 – Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability – Corrigendum 1

This standard specifies procedures, managed objects, and protocols for bridges and end systems that provide identification and replication of packets for redundant transmission, identification of duplicate packets, and elimination of duplicate packets. It is not concerned with the creation of the multiple paths over which the duplicates are transmitted.

This project includes correction of technical and editorial errors identified and agreed by the IEEE 802.1 Working Group maintenance activity comprising Maintenance Items: 315, 338, 344, and 364. The management module changes needed are applicable in the context of IEEE Std 802.1CBcv(TM)-2021.

The IEEE 802.1 maintenance activity has identified a small number of corrections to the base text and the management modules that are needed in order to correct technical and/or editorial errors in the existing text. The errors could cause incorrect behavior by implementations. The corrigendum will correct these errors.

Current Status

Status PAR approved
Current Draft   
PAR  Full title: IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Frame Replication and
Elimination for Reliability – Corrigendum 1
PAR (Approved: 16 February 2024; Expires: 31 Dec 2028)
Editor  Christophe Mangin


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