Data Center

802.1Qdt – Priority-based Flow Control Enhancements

This amendment specifies procedures and managed objects for automated Priority-based Flow Control (PFC) headroom calculation and Media Access Control Security (MACsec) protection of PFC frames, using the existing Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and enhancements to the Data Center Bridging Capability Exchange protocol (DCBX). This amendment places emphasis on the requirements for low latency and lossless… read more »

P802.1Qcz – Congestion Isolation

This amendment specifies protocols, procedures and managed objects that support the isolation of congested data flows within data center environments. This is achieved by enabling systems to individually identify flows creating congestion, adjust transmission selection for frames of those flows, and signal to neighbors. This mechanism reduces head-of-line blocking for uncongested flows sharing a traffic… read more »

802.1Qcy – VDP Extension to Support NVO3

The full title of this PAR is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Bridges and Bridged Networks: Amendment: Virtual Station Interface (VSI) Discovery and Configuration Protocol (VDP) Extension to Support Network Virtualization Overlays Over Layer 3 (NVO3)”. This standard specifies extensions to VDP to support using the protocol between an end station and a… read more »