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Our Mission

The IEEE 802.1 Working Group is chartered to concern itself with and develop standards and recommended practices in the following areas: 802 LAN/MAN architecture, internetworking among 802 LANs, MANs and other wide area networks, 802 Security, 802 overall network management, and protocol layers above the MAC & LLC layers.

Active Projects

An introduction to 802.1 gives a background on the working methods.  There are also tutorials [1], [2], [3] on 802.1 technologies available.  See the latest news for additional material.

A list of active ballots is available. Voting members must respond to two out of the last three active Working Group ballots (including ePolls) to retain their voting membership.

An unofficial web-based tally of 802.1 ballots is available.

The IEEE 802.1 Working Group divides its work into the following Task Groups (the list of current projects is provided on each TG page and in the menu on the left):

Archived projects and groups can be found here.

Online Standards

Working Group Calendar

Select any calendar entry above to access related meeting information. An alternative to the calendar above is here. ICS links to subscribe to IEEE 802.1 Working Group (WG) and IEEE 802.1 subgroup calendars: WG | Maintenance  | Nendica | Security | TSNYANGsters (see the WG calendar page for additional information).

Additional Information 

  • When submitting or uploading contributions to the public and private document repositories, please follow the 802.1 file naming conventions! That page also leads to the file upload form.
  • All approved PARs  (e.g., search for “802”)
  • 802 Architecture Group email archives.
  • 802 Architecture Group files.
  • 802.1 documents.
  • 802.1 email archives.
  • 802.1 incoming and outgoing liaisons.
  • 802.1 maintenance.
  • 802.1 archived interpretations
  • 802.1 WG minutes and 802.1 subgroup agendas and minutes mailing list
  • IEEE SA Standards Style Manual.
  • IEEE SA patent policy and the current IEEE-SA record of 802.1 standards-related patents.
  • Information on using the 802.1 email reflector, including subscribing and unsubscribing.
  • Next 802 plenary session notice.
  • Next 802.1 interim session notice.
  • Old linksec email archives and technical presentations.
  • Protocol Simulation tools for use in the standards development process.
  • Search public 802.1 documents.
  • Sign up to join the Standards Association ballot pool to vote on Standards Association (formerly known as Sponsor) ballots of 802 draft standards.
  • Subscribe to the 802.1 mailing list to receive ballot announcements.
  • IEEE SA runs the IEEE GET program that allows anyone to download the standards for free, 6 months after publication. The Portfolio of IEEE 802 standards is available.
  • Project naming: 802.1 projects are identified using project names such as 802.1Q, 802.1ad, and 802.1Qat. Following the “802.1” are one, two, three or even four letters. Upper case letters identify (standalone) standards, and lower-case letters identify amendments (previously called supplements) to existing standards. There should never be two projects differing only in the case of these letters! The three- and four-letter forms have been introduced to better identify amendments. In this scheme, the first one or two letters (always uppercase) identify the standard being amended, and the last two (always lowercase) identify the project amending this standard. The notation 802.1Q-REV is used to identify a revision of an existing standard: these are more extensive changes to the existing text than can be undertaken in an amendment. (Previously, revisions also had their own project names.)

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