P802.1DP – TSN for Aerospace Onboard Ethernet Communications


IEEE P802.1DP / SAE AS6675 is a joint project of IEEE 802 and SAE Avionics Networks AS-1 A2 to define TSN profiles for aerospace. This joint work will provide a jointly developed standard that is both an SAE and an IEEE standard.

This standard specifies profiles of IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and IEEE 802.1 Security standards for aerospace onboard bridged IEEE 802.3 Ethernet networks. The profiles select features, options, configurations, defaults, protocols, and procedures of bridges, end stations, and Local Area Networks to build deterministic networks for aerospace onboard communications.

This standard specifies profiles for designers, implementers, integrators, and certification agencies of deterministic IEEE 802.3 Ethernet networks that support a broad range of aerospace onboard applications including those requiring security, high availability and reliability, maintainability, and bounded latency.

Current Status

Status Editor’s draft
Current Draft D0.0 (February, 2023)
PAR & CSD Full title: Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Time-Sensitive Networking for Aerospace Onboard Ethernet Communications
PAR (Approved: 3 Dec 2020; Expires: 31 Dec 2024; Projected completion date: Apr 2023)
Editor Abdul Jabbar


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Important NOTICE on contributions.

Date Document
11 May 2022 P802.1DP Configuration Open Topics
11 May 2022 P802.1DP Stream Isolation
13 April 2022 Considerations for TSN configuration for avionic network
30 March 2022 P802.1DP Configuration Model
09 March 2022 Review of Time Redundancy for Engineered Networks
02 March 2022 Additional Stream Identification Considerations and Use Cases
02 February 2022 Proposal on Stream Identification and Shaping for Avionics
19 January 2022 Stream Identification for Avionics Networks
19 January 2022 Editors Update
08 December 2021 Traffic Shaping for Synchronous Profile Proposal
10 November 2021 End System Traffic Shaping
10 November 2021 Aerospace Bridge Policing and Stream Isolation Requirements
22 September 2021 On ATS
22 September 2021 Redundant Frames without Elimination – Avionics Use Case
14 July 2021 DP Draft Outline Proposal v2
14 July 2021 ARINC 664p7 Traffic Shaping Features
23 June 2021 P802.1DP Outline Proposal
26 May 2021 Satellite On-board Network Use Case
5 May 2021 Two Profile Approach for P802.1 DP
5 May 2021 Summary of Traffic Types
5 May 2021 Summary of Aerospace Use Cases
14 Apr 2021 Aerospace-Traffic-Characterization
10 Mar 2021 Aerospace Use Cases and Requirements by SAE committee
10 Mar 2021 Aerospace Network Certification §/JAR25.1309 / CS25
10 Mar 2021 TSN Aerospace – Aircraft Cabin Use Case Overview
3 Feb 2021 IEEE 802.1 TSN Profiles
18 Jan 2021 Aerospace Network Traffic Characterization
18 Jan 2021 SAE AS6675 Use Case Summary
18 Jan 2021 Introduction to Aerospace Networks and Requirements/Constraints
18 Jan 2021 IEEE/SAE Joint Development Agreement
16 Jul 2020 Establishing a joint project between SAE AS-1A2 and IEEE 802 to develop TSN profile for aerospace
10 May 2020 Establishing a joint group between SAE AS-1A2 and IEEE 802.1 TSN TG to develop TSN profile for aerospace

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