802-REVc – Revision to IEEE Standard 802-2014

This maintenance revision of IEEE Std 802 is needed to consolidate amendments, remove redundant and obsolete the material, and update the standard and per current IEEE SA style.  The full title of this standard is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture”.

The scope of this standard contains descriptions of the IEEE 802(R) standards published by the IEEE for frame-based data networks as well as a reference model (RM) for protocol standards.  A specification for the identification of public, private, and standard protocols is included.

The maintenance revision rolls up amendments IEEE Std 802c, IEEE Std 802d, IEEE Std 802e and IEEE Std 802f (once completed).

Current Status

Status  Awaiting initial draft
Current Draft   D0.2
PAR  Full title: Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Overview and Architecture
PAR (Approved: 24 Mar 2022; Expires: 31 Dec 2026)
Editor  James Gilb


Date Document
21 August 2022 802-REVc, Draft 0.2
22 June 2022 802-REVc, Draft 0.1


Date Document