Security Task Group

The Security Task Group is a part of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group. For general information, see the 802.1 home page.

The Security Task Group specifies functionality to support secure communication between  devices (end stations and bridges) attached to IEEE 802 LANs.

  • IEEE Std 802.1X Port-Based Network Access Control specifies the use of industry standard authentication and authorization protocols to support network access control and the creation of secure infrastructures. It specifies the MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) protocol used by IEEE Std 802.1AE.
  • IEEE Std 802.1AE MAC Security (MACsec) specifies the use of cryptographic Cipher Suites to ensure the authenticity, integrity (and optionally confidentiality) of the data (and other parameters) of the MAC Service and Internal Sublayer Service (as specified by IEEE Std 802.1AC and used within the bridging architectures specified by IEEE Std 802.1Q).
  • IEEE Std 802.1AR Secure Device Identity specifies authentication credentials (DevIDs) designed to be used by IEEE 802 LAN-attached devices  in conjunction with industry standard authentication, provisioning, and enrollment protocols including those identified by IEEE Std 802.1X.
  • IEEE Std 802E Recommended Practice for Privacy Considerations for IEEE 802 Technologies specifies a privacy threat model for IEEE 802 technologies, provides recommendations on how to protect against privacy threats, and promotes a consistent approach to threat mitigation by IEEE 802 protocol developers.

Meetings and Conference Calls

The Security Task Group meets at most IEEE 802 plenary meetings and interim meetings of the 802.1 Working Group. Conference calls are held as needed. All meeting and conference call attendees are expected to familiarise themselves with the Working Group Policies and Procedures, and the IEEE-SA and IEEE 802 patent, copyright, and participation policies before participating, and to act accordingly.

Participation in IEEE 802.1 meetings and conference calls is open to all, and not limited to IEEE or IEEE SA members. Voting membership and effective participation requires regular attendance at our face to face meetings, but the 802.1 Working Group has a long standing policy of considering comments from non-members, who are welcome to participate by joining the email list and submitting “Comments (with abstain)” ballots.

Meetings, conference calls, and proposed agendas are announced in advance to the 802.1 agendas and minutes email list. The 802.1 calendar includes meetings and conference calls (with access details).

Minutes of Security Task Group meetings are included in the Working Group minutes for plenary and interim meetings. This page provides an index including recent Security Task Group teleconference minutes.


Access to the draft standards, ballot comments, and dispositions of comments referenced on this website is restricted to Working Group participants. Agendas, minutes, presentations and other input documents are publicly accessible.

Published standards are available for purchase from the IEEE or are available free through the IEEE Get Program (6 months after publication). Individual document pages on this website provide links.

Active projects

Completed Projects

Withdrawn and Archived Projects

  • P802.1ARce: Secure Device Identity—Amendment 1: SHA–384 and P–384 Elliptic Curve. Replaced by P802.1AR-Rev.
  • P802.1af: Port-Based Network Access Control—Amendment: Authenticated Key Agreement for Media Access Control (MAC) Security. Merged into 802.1X–2010.
  • 802.1X–2004: Port-Based Network Access Control. Developed by the Interworking Task Group, revised by 802.1X–2010.
  • 802.1X–2001: Port-Based Network Access Control. Developed by the Interworking Task Group, revised by  802.1X–2004.