P802.1CQ: Multicast and Local Address Assignment

The full title of this PAR is “(Draft) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Multicast and Local Address Assignment”.

The Scope is: “This standard specifies protocols, procedures, and management objects for locally-unique assignment of 48-bit and 64-bit addresses in IEEE 802 networks. Peer-to-peer address claiming and address server capabilities are specified.”

Current Status

Full title Draft Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Multicast and Local Address Assignment
Status preparing for Task Group Ballot #2
Current Draft D0.7 (2021-07-19)
PAR PAR (Approved: 2016-02-05; Extended 2020-06-03Expires: 2022-12-31)
Task Group TSN
Editor Roger Marks

Ballot History

Start End Stage Draft Disposition
  (30 days) Task Group Ballot #2 P802.1CQ/D0.7  
2020-06-30 2020-07-31 Task Group Ballot #1 P802.1CQ/D0.5 disposition


Date Document
2021-07-19 P802.1CQ, Draft 0.7
2021-07-18 P802.1CQ, Draft 0.6
2020-11-10 P802.1CQ, Draft 0.5 – disposition
2020-06-30 P802.1CQ, Draft 0.5
2019-10-21 P802.1CQ, Draft 0.3
2019-07-17 P802.1CQ, Draft 0.2

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Important NOTICE on contributions.

This list includes the latest revision of contributed documents, dated per the upload date stamps. For the full list of contributions, see:

DateDocument IDTitleAuthor
2021-06-14cq-marks-D06-v04P802.1CQ/D0.6 Preview v04Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2021-06-04cq-marks-D06-v03P802.1CQ/D0.6 Preview v03Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2021-05-03cq-marks-D06-preview-v02P802.1CQ/D0.6 PreviewRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2021-03-11cq-marks-BARC-0321-v00Block Address Registration and Claiming (BARC)Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2020-11-09cq-oliva-CQin11-1120-v00IEEE 802.1CQ interaction with IEEE
Antonio de la Oliva (Interdigital)
2020-11-09cq-oliva-PDU-1120-v01P802.1CQ PDU Format v2Antonio de la Oliva (Interdigital);
Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2020-11-08cq-marks-flowcharts-1120-v02P802.1CQ Flowchart UpdateRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates); Antonio de la Oliva (Interdigital)
2020-10-26cq-oliva-PDU-1020-v01P802.1CQ PDU FormatAntonio de la Oliva (Interdigital);
Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2020-10-26cq-marks-MAAP-1020-v01MAAP Integration into P802.1CQRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates);
Antonio de la Oliva (Interdigital)
2020-10-26cq-marks-block-claims-1020-v01P802.1CQ Block ClaimsRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2020-07-15cq-Marks-update-2020-07-15-0720Summary of P802.1CQ/D0.5
in Task Group Ballot,
July 2020
Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates);
Antonio de la Oliva (Interdigital)
2020-03-19cq-Marks-Oliva-update-2020-03-19-0320P802.1CQ Update of 2020-03-19Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates);
Antonio de la Oliva (Interdigital)
2020-02-11cq-draft-PAR-ext-0120-v01Draft P802.1 PAR Extension Request Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2019-11-13cq-aoliva-PALMAPAD-1119-v1Proposal for Adding the document with DCN
omniran-18-0071-01-CQ00 to IEEE 802.1CQ as Appendix
Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M, InterDigital); Robert Gazda (InterDigital);
Roger Marks (EthAirNet
2019-11-13cq-Marks-Oliva-update-2019-11-13-1119.pdfP802.1CQ Discussion 2019-11-13Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates); Antonio de la Oliva (InterDigital)
2019-11-12cq-aoliva-statemachineexplanation-1119-v1.pdfIEEE 802.1CQ State MachineAntonio de la Oliva (InterDigital);
Roger Marks (EthAirNet
2019-11-12cq-aoliva-statemachine-1119-v1.pdfIEEE 802.1CQ PALMA State Machine
Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M, InterDigital); Robert Gazda (InterDigital)
2019-09-18cq-Marks-status-0919.pdfUpdate on P802.1CQ StatusRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2019-09-05 cq-nayak-DMAD-0919-v01.pdfDuplicate MAC Address DetectionManoj Nayak (Juniper Networks)
2019-09-05 cq-nayak-DMAD-0919-v01.pdfDuplicate MAC Address DetectionManoj Nayak (Juniper Networks)
2019-07-17cq-aoliva-short-summary-PALMA-0719-v02.pdfProtocol for Assignment of Local and Multicast Addresses (PALMA)Antonio de la Oliva (InterDigital, UC3M)
2019-07-15cq-marks-background-to-p802-1cq-d02-0719-v01.pdfBackground to P802.1CQ/D0.2Roger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2019-07-10cq-riegel-omniran-history-status-0719.pdfP802.1CQ Multicast and Local Address Assignment - History and statusMax Riegel (Nokia)
2019-07-04omniran-19-0030-01Slides explaining .1CQ protocol contributionAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC)
2019-04-26omniran-19-0026-00Multicast and Unicast MAC Address Assignment Protocol (MUMAAP)Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC), Robert Gazda (IDCC)
2019-03-14omniran-19-0020-00IEEE 802.1CQ Table of ContentsAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M)
2019-03-13omniran-19-0017-01Proposed liaison to IEEE 1722 Working GroupRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2019-03-12omniran-19-0009-02Investigating the Multicast Usage Model for P802.1CQRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2019-03-11omniran-19-0016-00Thoughts on ToCAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M)
2019-03-11omniran-19-0011-01MAAP_IntroductionAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M)
2019-02-27omniran-19-0012-00Summary of MAC Address policy contribution to IEEE 802.11Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M), Roger Marks (EtherAirNet)
2019-02-06omniran-19-0007-00Local Address Assignment Protocol RequirementsMax Riegel (Nokia)
2019-01-13omniran-19-0002-00MAC randomization impacts (WBA liaison to IEEE 802.11)Max Riegel (Nokia)
2019-01-13omniran-19-0001-00IEEE 802.1CQ Threat AnalysisAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M)
2018-11-13omniran-18-0087-00802.1CQ introduction to 802.15 WNGAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC)
2018-11-11omniran-18-0086-00MAC address assignment in IEEE 802.11 through IEEE 802.11aq (Slides to be presented in 802.11 ARC)Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC)
2018-09-13omniran-18-0074-00Current Status IEEE 802.1CQAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC)
2018-09-13omniran-18-0071-01Proposal for MAC address distribution in IEEE 802.11 networks using the mechanisms of IEEE 802.11aq (Pre-association discovery)Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC)
2018-09-13omniran-18-0058-01Enabling PAD of LAAP using IEEE 802.11aqAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC), Robert Gazda (IDCC)
2018-07-11omniran-18-0060-00IEEE 802.1CQ Discussions in San DiegoAntonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC)
2018-07-10omniran-18-0059-00Address Assignment for Stateless Flow-Zone Switching in the Data CenterRoger Marks (EthAirNet Associates)
2018-05-21omniran-18-0034-02Proposal for IEEE 802.1CQ (Self-Assignment part)Antonio de la Oliva (IDCC, UC3M)
2018-05-15omniran-18-0044-00Link Layer Addresses Assignment Mechanism for DHCPv6Bernie Volz (Cisco), Tomek Mrugalski (ISC)
2018-03-29omniran-18-0035-00Proposal for IEEE 802.1CQ (LAAP)Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M, IDCC), Robert Gazda (IDCC)
2018-03-05cq-aoliva-proposal-selfasignmenttext-0318.pdfProposal for IEEE 802.1CQ (Self-Assignment part)Antonio de la Oliva and Robert Gazda
2018-01-25cq-aoliva-proposal-LAAP-0118-v1.pdfProposal for IEEE 802.1CQ LAAPAntonio de la Oliva and Robert Gazda
2018-01-24cq-Marks-Perkins-802dot11dot10-0118-v00.pdfShort Address Assignment in IEEE 802.15.10Roger Marks and Charlie Perkins
2018-01-24cq-Marks-flow-zone-addressing-0118-v00.pdfAddress Assignment for Stateless Flow-Zone Switching in the Data CenterRoger Marks
2017-11-05cq-ao-LAAP-Proposal-1117-V1.pptxLocal MAC Address ProtocolTing Ao
Trusted MAC Addresses – Making MAC Address filtering and authorization meaningfulMick Seaman
2017-03-15cq-ao-LAAP-proposal-0317-v02.pptxLocal MAC Address Assignment Protocol (LAAP) --  Thought on 802.1CQTing Ao
2016-11-10cq-thaler-objectives-1116.pdf802.1CQ Proposed ObjectivesPat Thaler
2016-11-09cq-ao-local-address-assignment-1116-v00.pptxProposal for the MAC address assignment protocolTing Ao
2016-03-15cq-cas-assignment-and-validation-0316-v00.pptxP802.1CQ Assignment and Validation of Unicast AddressHiroki (Cas) Nakano
2015-09-08dcb-thaler-local-address-claim-feasability-0915.pdfAddress claiming
protocol feasibility
Pat Thaler
2015-01-14lasg-moskowitz-secure-moderated-random-mac-addresses-0115-v01.pptSecure Moderated Random MAC AddressesRobert Moskowitz
2015-01-13lasg-cas-detection-of-duplicated-mac-addresses-0115-v00.pdfDetection of
duplicated MAC addresses
Hiroki (Cas) Nakano

Relevant Liaison Communications

  Date Document
to IEEE 1722 2020-07-20 (approved) [draft] Liaison regarding IEEE P802.1CQ draft 0.5
to IEEE 1722 2019-07-18 (approved) Response to your liaison dated July 3, 2019 on MAAP
from IEEE 1722 2019-07-03 (received) IEEE 1722 Working Group Liaison Communication
to IEEE 1722 2019-03-15 (approved) 

(draft) [Liaison to IEEE 1722 regarding address assignment protocol in P802.1CQ (Multicast and Local Address Assignment)