P802.1DG – TSN Profile for Automotive In-Vehicle Ethernet Communications

This standard specifies profiles for secure, highly reliable, deterministic latency, automotive in-vehicle bridged IEEE 802.3 Ethernet networks based on IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards and IEEE 802.1 Security standards.

This standard provides profiles for designers and implementers of deterministic IEEE 802.3 Ethernet networks that support the entire range of in-vehicle applications including those requiring security, high availability and reliability, maintainability, and bounded latency.

The automotive segment does not have a standards-based profile for IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards as usage can vary widely based on the networking scenarios. The lack of a profile makes the definition of the automotive manufacturer’s requirements and the implementation of those requirements by suppliers more difficult and costly. Thus there is a need for standardization of the selection and use of IEEE 802 standards and features in order to be able to deploy secure highly reliable converged networks.

Use cases provided by individual contributors (e.g. dg-potts-auto-network-accum-cong-use-case-0319-v01.pdf) will be consolidated into a rolled up Use Cases & Requirements document.

The consolidated Use Cases & Requirements document can be found in the Presentations section, below. Look for the title “P802.1DG Automotive Use Cases & Requirements”, or see filenames beginning with “dg-pannell-automotive-use-cases-” in the 2019 public directory for a complete list).

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In addition to the regular  IEEE 802 interim and plenary meetings held every two months, a special one-day Interim has been scheduled on 23 September 2019 to be held at the GM facility in Warren, MI, USA (near Detroit). The purpose of this Interim is to progress the work on this project. The date and location were chosen to make it convenient for those attending the IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day (E&IP@ATD 24-25 September 2019) to attend this Interim by arriving a day earlier.

There is no fee for this Interim; however, for security purposes you do need to notify the meeting coordinator that you are attending. Look at the 23 September 2019 meeting information on the Interim Meetings page for details.

Current Status

Status PAR approved
Current Draft D0.1 (27 APR 2019)
PAR & CSD Full title: Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Time-Sensitive Networking Profile for Automotive In-Vehicle Ethernet Communications
PAR approved 08 Feb 2019;
Editor Craig Gunther


Date Document
27 Apr 2019 802.1DG, Draft 0.1
28 Mar 2019 802.1DG, Draft 0.0

The above list includes only the latest version of (proposed) dispositions. See the project folder for a complete list). The dates listed are the website file dates; they may differ from the creation dates in the documents.


IEEE 802.1 TSN Presentations

Date Document
2019 documents
11 Jun 2019
(11 Jun conference call)
P802.1DG Status Update June 11, 2019 — Craig Gunther
21 May 2019
(Salt Lake City interim)
P802.1DG Automotive Use Cases & Requirements (v0.1) — Don Pannell
21 May 2019
(Salt Lake City interim)
How to make Progress on P802.1DG — Craig Gunther
21 May 2019
(Salt Lake City interim)
Automotive Presentations to IEEE Standard Work Flow — Don Pannell
20 May 2019
(Salt Lake City interim)
P802.1DG Automotive Use Cases & Requirements — Don Pannell
30 Apr 2019
(30 Apr conference call)
Automotive Presentations to IEEE Standard Work Flow — Don Pannell
14 Mar 2019
(Vancouver plenary)
Automotive Time Synchronization – Use Case — Michael Potts
14 Mar 2019
(Vancouver plenary)
Managing Automotive Accumulated Network Traffic Congestion Points – Use Case — Michael Potts
14 Mar 2019
(Vancouver plenary)
Automotive E/E Architecture evolution and the impact on the network  — Helge Zinner
15 Jan 2019
(Hiroshima interim)
Suggestions for Automotive Profile outline — Norman Finn
2018 documents
10 Dec 2018
(11 Dec conference call)
Using DDS with TSN and Adaptive AUTOSAR — Bob Leigh, Reinier Torenbeek
10 Jul 2018
(San Diego plenary)
Ethernet TSN and Security IEEE 802.1 Automotive Specification Profiles — Michael Potts
2017 documents
10 Jul 2017
(San Diego plenary)
Tutorial on Automotive Ethernet — Steven B. Carlson, János Farkas, Norm Finn, Don Pannell, Mike Potts, Mick Seaman, Natalie Wienckowski, George Zimmerman
2016 documents
27 Jul 2016
(San Diego plenary)
802.1Qci -Thoughts on Blocking — Johannes Specht
25 Jul 2016
(San Diego plenary)
A look at Securing the Automotive Ethernet — Robert Moskowitz
21 Jan 2016
(Atlanta interim)
Ethernet TSN as Enabling Technology for ADAS and Automated Driving Systems — Michael Potts
2015 documents
11 Sep 2015
(Santa Cruz interim)
Urgency Based Scheduler comparison to other traffic classes+ discussion on next steps — Johannes Specht, Soheil Samii
09 Sep 2015
(Santa Cruz interim)
802.1CB Another Reset Proposal — Johannes Specht
22 May 2015
(Pittsburgh interim)
Urgency Based Scheduler, Scalability-How many Queues?! — Johannes Specht, Soheil Samii
21 May 2015
(Pittsburgh interim)
802.1CB Failure Mode Considerations — Johannes Specht, Soheil Samii, Helge Zinner
2014 documents
11 Nov 2014
(San Antonio plenary)
Urgency Based Scheduler-Automotive Use- — Johannes Specht, Soheil Samii
06 Nov 2014
(San Antonio plenary)
Considerations on Ingress Policing for 802.1Qbv — Johannes Specht, Soheil Samii
04 Nov 2014
(San Antonio plenary)
Ingress Policing in Automotive Systems — Soheil Samii, Johannes Specht
15 May 2014
(Norfolk interim)
Urgency Based Scheduler – Status Update — Johannes Specht
05 Mar 2014
(Beijing plenary)
Impact of L2/L3 discussions on the direction and timing of TSN Gen 2 and 802.1CB — Markus Jochim
2013 documents
14 Nov 2013
(Dallas plenary)
Audio Video Bridging-Gen 2 Assumptions — Don Pannell
12 Nov 2013
(Dallas plenary)
Ethernet Layer 2 End-to-End Data Safety — Aboubacar Diarra
11 Nov 2013
(Dallas plenary)
Ingress Policing — Markus Jochim
17 Jul 2013
(Dallas plenary)
AAA2C – Automotive Requirements for a Flexible Control Traffic Class — Markus Jochim
17 Jul 2013
(Geneva plenary)
What are the Goals of 802.1 TSN? How can we achieve them? — Markus Jochim
16 Jul 2013
(Geneva plenary)
In-Vehicle Global Synchronization — Aboubacar Diarra
14 May 2013
(Victoria interim)
Time Sync – Redundant Grandmaster Clock Support — Eric Spada, Yong Kim
20 Mar 2013
(Orlando plenary)
OSI Layers in Automotive Networks — Aboubacar Diarra
18 Mar 2013
(Orlando plenary)
Can AVB Gen 1 be used for Automotive Control ? — Johannes Specht, Markus Jochim
07 Mar 2013
(Orlando plenary)
Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability” (= Seamless Redundancy) — Markus Jochim
2012 documents
12 Nov 2012
(San Antonio plenary)
Deterministic Ethernet (tutorial) — Oliver Kleineberg, Michael D. Johas Teener, Christian Boiger, János Farkas, Paul Unbehagen, Don Fedyk, Norman Finn
11 Nov 2012
(San Antonio plenary)
Seamless Redundancy Concept Refinement: Duplicate Elimination — Franz-Josef Goetz, Markus Jochim
04 Sep 2012
(Santa Cruz interim)
Request for Contribution for Refining the Seamless Redundancy Concept Presented in San Diego — Markus Jochim , Oliver Kleinberg
14 Mar 2012
(Hawaii plenary)
General perspective on AVB 2 & Redundancy aspects relevant for backbone and control applications — Markus Jochim
18 Jan 2012
(Munich interim)
Automotive Requirements and Definitions — Helge Zinner, Oliver Kleineberg, Christian Boiger, Andreas Grzemba
2011 documents
09 Nov 2011
(Atlanta plenary)
Automotive Preemption Latency spreadsheet — Yong Kim
08 Nov 2011
(Atlanta plenary)
Very Low Latency Packet Delivery Requirements and Problem Statements — Yong Kim
20 Sep 2011
(Nanjing interim)
IEEE 802.1 & 802.3 Packet Transmission Pre-emption Reasons for its needs — Yong Kim
20 Sep 2011
(Nanjing interim)
IEEE 802.1 & 802.3 Packet Transmission Pre-emption Problem Statements — Yong Kim
07 Sep 2011
(Nanjing interim)
[Revised] QoS requirements for Automotive Ethernet backbone systems — Yong Kim, Junichi Takeuchi, Masa Nakamura
19 Jul 2011
(San Francisco plenary)
IEEE 802.1 & 802.3 Packet Transmission Pre-emption Solution and Problem Statement — Yong Kim
16 Mar 2011
(Singapore plenary)
Automotive Ethernet Network Requirements — Yong Kim, Masa Nakamura
14 Mar 2011
(Singapore plenary)
Low-Latency Bridged Network Requirements — Yong Kim

The above list includes only the latest version of updated documents and omits those superseded by subsequent discussion or inclusion in the current draft (see filenames beginning “dg-” in the 2018 and 2019 public directories for a complete list). The dates listed are the website file dates; they may differ from the creation dates in the documents.

Instructions for naming and uploading your presentation can be found here: Filenaming conventions.

IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

Another good source of information for 802.1DG can be found in the E&IP@ATD conference presentations.

Avnu Alliance

Avnu has several public whitepapers that can provide valuable information for this project.


IEEE 802.1 may establish liaisons with various organizations to progress the work on this standard. Those liaisons will be tracked here.

The following liaison has been established with Avnu Alliance for documents related to the IEC/IEEE 60802 project. These are likely not directly applicable to the work on this project. They have been added here for reference:

Date From/To
22 Jan 2018 Presentation from Avnu to IEEE Avnu & Industrial Profiling for TSN
11 Nov 2018 Avnu liaison to IEEE

Submissions for 60802 Joint Project Inclusion

The following document is referenced in this liaison: The Avnu Alliance(TM) “Best Practices Industrial Theory of Operations for TSN-enabled Systems; Applied to Industrial Markets”, Version 1.0.

15 Nov 2018 IEEE Response to Avnu Liaison letter on Submissions for IEC/IEEE 60802 Joint Project Inclusion

Other Projects of Interest

There are projects in the IEEE 802.3 Working Group that may be of interest to this group. Here are some relevant links:

  • IEEE P802.3cg 10 Mb/s Single Pair Ethernet Task Force (formerly the 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Task Force). This project is focused on lowering costs by removing the need for switches and sharing the 10 Mb/s Ethernet medium between multiple devices.
  • IEEE P802.3ch Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet PHY Task Force. Note the discussions on asymmetrical data rates on this project (e.g. 10G from camera for video (forward channel), 100 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s to camera for control (backward channel)).

The Automotive profile is one of five profiles created by the TSN group. The other profiles are:

  • IEEE Std 802.1BA-2011 IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Systems
  • IEEE Std 802.1CM-2018 IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks — Time-Sensitive Networking for Fronthaul
  • IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation
  • IEEE P802.1DF TSN Profile for Service Provider Networks

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