P802.1Qcj – Automatic Attachment to Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) services

This standard specifies the protocols, procedures and management objects for auto-attachment of network devices to Provider Backbone service instances by using Type, Length, Value (TLVs) within the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) This amendment simplifies the deployment and administration of PBB networks, e.g. controlled by Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), by allowing for automatic configuration of… read more »

Addressing and Data Center Bridging (DCB)

This Task Group is not active at the moment. The addressing work is conducted in the OmniRAN TG and the data center bridging work is conducted in the TSN TG. The Addressing and Data Center Bridging (DCB) Task Group (TG) was a part of the IEEE 802.1 Working Group. For general information, please refer to… read more »