IEEE 802.1 Liaisons

Liaison Process

An IEEE 802.1 liaison statement (hereafter referred to as “liaison”) is a communication from the IEEE 802.1 Working Group to an organization(s) external to IEEE 802 to share information about WG activities and projects, draft standards, or other technical information of mutual interest.

The Working Group Chair (or delegate) sends any liaisons to external organizations with whom the WG has an established liaison relationship. The IEEE 802 SA Liaison List lists organizations with whom IEEE 802 and its Working Groups have established liaison relationships to facilitate coordination and cooperation. If the recipient organization is not on the IEEE 802 Liaison List, please notify the IEEE 802.1 WG chair.

After a liaison is drafted in a Task Group (or other subgroup) using one of the liaison templates, it is approved by the IEEE 802.1 WG and the IEEE 802 Executive Committee prior to sending to the external organization.

Draft Exchange

Prior to sharing  a draft standard outside the IEEE 802.1 Working Group, the organization must be vetted by IEEE SA.  The Working Group Draft Sharing for Coordination list confirms that the organization AND subgroup have established a Draft Sharing relationship with IEEE 802.1.  If the organization AND subgroup are not on the list, please contact the IEEE 802.1 WG Chair.

Table of Incoming and Outgoing Liaisons

The list of liaisons received and sent by IEEE 802.1 WG is available here.  This list will be updated at each session of the IEEE 802.1WG.