P802.1CS – Link-local Registration Protocol

This standard specifies protocols, procedures, and managed objects for a Link-local Registration Protocol (LRP) to replicate a registration database from one end to the other of a point-to-point link and to replicate changes to parts of that database. A facility is provided to purge the replicated database if the source becomes unresponsive. LRP is optimized for databases on the order of 1 Mbyte.

Link-local Registration Protocol is designed to facilitate the creation of application protocols that distribute information through all or part of a network.

Current “802.1Q Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP)” is optimized for databases up to 1500 bytes, and slows significantly when used for larger databases. There is a need to overcome this limitation in an efficient manner.

Current Status

Status TG ballot
Current Draft D1.6 with MIB (September, 2018)
PAR & CSD Full title: Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Link-local Registration Protocol
PAR approved 17 Feb 2017
Editor Norman Finn



Date Document
15 May 2017 802.1CS, Draft 0.0
12 Jul 2017 802.1CS, Draft 0.1
29 Jul 2017 802.1CS, Draft 1.0
11 Dec 2017 802.1CS. Draft 1.0 final comment disposition
06 Nov 2017 802.1CS. Draft 1.1
08 Dec 2017 802.1CS Draft 1.2
26 Jan 2018 802.1CS Draft 1.2 final comment disposition
06 Mar 2018 802-1CS Draft 1.3
11 Apr 2018 802-1CS Draft 1.4
31 May 2018 802.1CS Draft 1.4 final comment disposition
05 Jun 2018 802.1CS Draft 1.5
09 Jul 2018 802.1CS Draft 1.5 final comment disposition
31 Aug 2018 802.1CS Draft 1.6
17 Sep 2018 802.1CS Draft 1.6 with MIBs




Date Document
17 Jan 2017 Link-local Registration Protocol – Architecture and Transport Mechanism — Feng Chen
14 Mar 2017 Link-local Registration Protocol – Database and Synchronization — Feng Chen
15 Mar 2017 Link Registry Protocol Options v2 — Norman Finn
16 May 2017 Link-local Registration Protocol – Thoughts on Options — Jürgen Schmitt
17 May 2017 LRP Draft 0 — Norman Finn
05 Sep 2017 Edge Control Transport for LRP v2 — Paul Bottorff
24 Jan 2018 Discovery and Association in IEEE 802.1CS Link-local Registration Protocol v3  — Norman Finn
07 Mar 2018 IEEE P802.1CS Link-local Registration Protocol Draft 1.3 introduction — Norman Finn
12 Apr 2018 IEEE P802.1CS Link-local Registration Protocol Draft 1.4 introduction — Norman Finn
23 May 2018 Resolving issues in P802.1CS D1.4 with making TCP connections and exchanging Hellos — Norman Finn
13 Sep 2018 IEEE P802.1CS Link-local Registration Protocol Draft 1.6 introduction — Norman Finn
14 Sep 2018 RAP/LRP Interaction using LRP Service Primitives — Feng Chen, Jürgen Schmitt, Franz-Josef Götz

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