P802.1Q-Rev – Revision to IEEE Standard 802.1Q-2018

This standard specifies Bridges that interconnect individual LANs, each
supporting the IEEE 802 MAC Service using a different or identical media access control method, to provide
Bridged Networks and VLANs.

This is a maintenance roll-up of 802.1Q-2018 with the amendments of 802.1Qcc, 802.1Qcp & 802.1Qcy. Depending on their progress to approval, P802.1Qcr, P802.1Qcx, P802.1Qcw or other amendments in progress may also be included.

Current Status

Status Working Group ballot
Current Draft  D0.2
PAR  Full title: Bridges and Bridged Networks
PAR (Approved: 03 June 2020; Expires: 31 Dec 2024)
Editor  John Messenger


Date Document
13 July 2020 802.1Q-Rev, Draft 0.2

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