802.1CF Network Reference Model and Functional Description of IEEE 802 Access Network

This Recommended Practice specifies an access network, which connects terminals to their access routers, utilizing technologies based on the family of IEEE 802 Standards by providing an access network reference model, including entities and reference points along with behavioral and functional descriptions of communications among those entities.

Heterogeneous networks may include multiple network interfaces, multiple network access technologies, and multiple network subscriptions. In some cases such heterogeneous functionality must be supported in a single user terminal. This Recommended Practice supports the design and deployment of access networks based on IEEE 802 technologies, guides the developers of extensions to the existing standards in support of a heterogeneous access network, and enables the use of IEEE 802 standards in new network deployments by specifying the functions of the IEEE 802 technologies when deployed in access networks.

Modern heterogeneous networks, for applications such as Smart Grid, Home Automation, and Internet of Things, suffer from limitations in service control, security and provisioning. This project will help to unify the support of different interfaces, enabling shared network control and use of software defined network (SDN) principles, thereby lowering the barriers to new network technologies, to new network operators, and to new service providers. The project will generate a Recommended Practice to deploy IEEE 802 technologies in an access network enabling such heterogeneity.

Current Status

Date Status
26 Mar 2014 PAR approved by NesCom



Date Document
19 Apr 2018 802.1CF, Draft 2.0
13 Dec 2017 802.1CF, Draft 1.0
25 Aug 2017 802.1CF, Draft 0.6
09 Jun 2017 802.1CF, Draft 0.5
14 Feb 2017 802.1CF, Draft 0.4
17 Oct 2016 802.1CF, Draft 0.3
06 Aug 2016 802.1CF, Draft 0.2
17 Jul 2016 802.1CF, Draft 0.1
12 Jan 2016 802.1CF, Draft 0.0



Date Document
9 Mar 2018 P802.1CF for vertical applications
5 Sep 2017 Time Sensitive Networking within the scope of P802.1CF
10 Nov 2016 Brief introduction to IEEE P802.1CF
Prepared for, and presented at the IETF-97
16 Mar 2016 P802.1CF within the scope of 5G SC
16 Jul 2014 Short introduction of P802.1CF to 802.11
13 May 2014 Cooperations for OmniRAN P802.1CF
20 Mar 2014 OmniRAN EC SG Proposals towards IEEE 802.1
27 Jan 2014 Brief introduction into OmniRAN P802.1CF
21 Jan 2014 OmniRAN EC SG Results and Proposals



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