Webinar – TSN Profile for Automotive

This is the seventh in the IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series (IEEE 802.1)

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IEEE P802.1DG: Evolving the In-Vehicle Network from Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) to TSN

Thursday, 26 October 2023 – 9:00am ET | 13:00 UTC

Often the term TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) is associated only with Time Aware Shaper operation (scheduled traffic). This is however not true, especially in the automotive context, as TSN also entails other traffic-shaping mechanisms previously introduced as Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) as well as further 802.1 functionality.

The predominant task of creating a Profile is to reduce this broad range of possible features to those which best fit the in-vehicle use-case.

This webinar will discuss the IEEE P802.1DG TSN Profile for Automotive In-Vehicle Ethernet Communications, which has been updated significantly in its current draft version.

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