Webinar – Industrial Automation

This is the sixth in the IEEE Time-Sensitive Networking Webinar Series (IEEE 802.1)

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IEC/IEEE 60802TM: The Case for the Converged Network in the Factory of the Future

Thursday, 6 April 2023 – 9:00am ET | 13:00 UTC

When one hears the term TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), traffic-shaping, time synchronization and perhaps, redundancy come to mind. However, this perception misses the true value of a common layer 2. Certainly, features like time-synchronization and scheduled traffic are needed to address some aspects of the industrial use case but a common layer 2 based upon IEEE standards bring scalability, in terms of bandwidth and network size. Further, a common layer 2 provides the opportunity for a common approach to resource management which in turn offers the opportunity for improved offline engineering and an automated approach to on-boarding new devices in a network (Plug and Produce).

This webinar will discuss the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN profile for industrial automation. Further, it will explore the requirements of the factory of the future and value TSN brings to these applications.

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