July 2018 Interim Session for IEC/IEEE 60802 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany – TSN TG Agenda

The Frankfurt Interim (July 24-26, 2018) is to progress the IEC/IEEE 60802 joint project to specify TSN Profile for Industrial Automation.

Initial draft agenda in pdf format.

Tuesday (Jul 24)

9:20-16:00Welcome and organizational issues, incl.: intro, participationLudwig WinkelSiemens AG20
János FarkasEricsson
AgendaLudwig WinkelSiemens AG20
János FarkasEricsson
Liaison on IEC TC57; TR IEC 61850-90-13 Deterministic NetworkingMaik SeewaldCisco15
Status of use casesJosef DorrSiemens AG20
IEEE 802.1Qcc UNI and Traffic SpecificationsJordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.30
Additional use caseKarl Weber, Florian EsslerBeckhoff Automation60
Coexistence & ConvergenceMarius StanicaABB30

Wednesday (Jul 25)

8:30-18:00Review Agenda; expected results of the dayLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
FMS for Small Batch Customized Production Yu BaiHuawei30
Comments on use casesMark HantelRockwell Automation45
Contribution to use casesKarl Weber, Florian EsslerBeckhoff Automation30
Update use cases documentJosef DorrSiemens AG120
Network diagnosticsGünter SteindlSiemens AG20
Model alignmentGünter SteindlSiemens AG20
RequirementsJosef DorrSiemens AG60

Thursday (Jul 26)

8:00-16:00Review Agenda; expected results of the dayLudwig WinkelSiemens AG10
János FarkasEricsson
RequirementsJosef DorrSiemens AG160
Tutorial how drafting an IEC document, especially profilesLudwig WinkelSiemens AG120
Contents of 802.1 TSN Profiles so farJános FarkasEricsson30
Editor’s Questions and assumptionsJordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.60
Drafting IEC/IEEE 60802Jordon WoodsAnalog Devices Inc.
Review of minutesJosef DorrSiemens AG10