IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation

This is a joint project of IEC SC65C/MT9 and IEEE 802 to define TSN profiles for industrial automation. This joint work will provide a jointly developed standard that is both an IEC and an IEEE standard, i.e., a dual logo standard.

This standard defines time-sensitive networking profiles for industrial automation. The profiles select features, options, configurations, defaults, protocols, and procedures of bridges, end stations, and LANs to build industrial automation networks.

IEEE 802 standards address a very wide range of networking scenarios. Users and vendors of interoperable bridged time-sensitive networks for industrial automation need guidelines for the selection and the use of IEEE 802 standards and features in order to be able to deploy converged networks to simultaneously support operations technology traffic and other traffic.

Current Status

Status Editor’s draft
Current Draft D0.5 (14 Jan 2019)
PAR & CSD Full title: Time-Sensitive Networking Profile for Industrial Automation
PAR approved: May 14, 2018
Chair Ludwig Winkel
Editor Jordon Woods
Secretary Josef Dorr
Web page Mark Hantel

Meetings and conference calls

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14 Jan 2019 IEC/IEEE 60802, Draft 0.5
11 Nov 2018 IEC/IEEE 60802, Draft 0.4
13 Sep 2018 IEC/IEEE 60802, Draft 0.3
12 Sep 2018 IEC/IEEE 60802, Draft 0.2
11 Sep 2018 IEC/IEEE 60802, Draft 0.1
26 Jul 2018 IEC/IEEE 60802, Draft 0.0

The above list includes only the latest version of (proposed) dispositions. (See the project folder for a complete list). The dates listed are the website file dates; they may differ from the creation dates in the documents.

Presentations and contributions

17 Jan 2019 IEEE ICAP Overview
16 Jan 2019 TSN Management
16 Jan 2019 Datasheet Parameters
16 Jan 2019 Data Sheet Model
16 Jan 2019 Characteristics of Traffic Types
16 Jan 2019 Traffic Type Mapping to TSN Mechanisms
15 Jan 2019 Example Selection of Standards
15 Jan 2019 60802 Scope and Status
15 Jan 2019 Update on Collaborative Conformance Assessment
15 Jan 2019 Editors Report on Draft 0.5
14 Dec 2018 Industrial requirements
14 Nov 2018 Link Aggregation with TSN
14 Nov 2018 Event-Based Control
13 Nov 2018 Industrial Bridged and non-Bridged End Stations
13 Nov 2018 Comments on Use Cases
12 Nov 2018 Behavior when own MAC is Source Address
12 Nov 2018 November Editors report on Draft 0.4
12 Nov 2018 Brownfield Compatibility
12 Nov 2018 Destination Address MAC Constraints
12 Nov 2018 Time Aware Shaper Gate Control
12 Nov 2018 Common Bridge Requirements
12 Nov 2018 TSN Domain Proposal
12 Nov 2018 Conformance Section Structure
12 Nov 2018 Motivation for a Collaborative Conformance Assessment
11 Nov 2018 Industrial Automation Traffic Types and their Mapping to QoS/TSN Mechanisms
11 Nov 2018 More industrial requirements
11 Nov 2018 Comments on Industrial Requirements V1.0
19 Oct 2018 October Editor’s report on Draft 0.4
20 Sep 2018 Contribution to the content of the draft
13 Sep 2018 Industrial use cases
12 Sep 2018 Workflow Discussion
12 Sep 2018 ListExecute Qbv State Machine
11 Sep 2018 Additional Parameters for Bidirectional TSN Communication
11 Sep 2018 Multi-traffic Transmission in an Industrial Backbone Network
11 Sep 2018 Minimum Traffic Types
10 Sep 2018 Further 802.1Qcc Discussions
7 Sep 2018 Example for Configuration Model Alignment
27 Aug 2018 Inter TSN domain streams
26 Jul 2018 Contents of IEEE 802.1 TSN Profile Specifications So Far
25 Jul 2018 Industrial Use Cases Contribution
25 Jul 2018 Comments on Industrial Use Cases v10
25 Jul 2018 Flexible Manufacturing System(FMS) for Small Batch Customized Production
24 Jul 2018 Coexistence & Convergence in TSN-based Industrial Automation Networks
24 Jul 2018 Machine Internal and Machine to Cell Controller (M2C) Embedded Communication
24 Jul 2018 Network Diagnostics
20 Jul 2018 Editor’s Questions and Assumptions
20 Jul 2018 IEEE 802.1Qcc UNI and Traffic Specifications
13 Jul 2018 Workplan
13 Jul 2018 Timeliness use cases
11 Jul 2018 Intro to TR IEC 61850-90-13 Deterministic Networking
11 Jul 2018 Isochronous Drive Synchronization
11 Jul 2018 Cycle Timing Models
11 Jul 2018 TSN Interdomain Communications
11 Jul 2018 Process Automation System Quantities
09 Jul 2018 Timescale reference for planning frame transmission
09 Jul 2018 Synchronization problems
09 Jul 2018 Network Configuration & Stream Configuration
09 Jul 2018 Stream DA – MAC constraints for simplifications
09 Jul 2018 Deadline Application Model & Stream Class Based Scheduling Mode
25 May 2018 Model issues
25 May 2018 Flexible Factory IoT (FFIoT) approach to TSN
25 May 2018 General considerations about standards
23 May 2018 TSN system requirements
22 May 2018 Policy Based Configuration
22 May 2018 TSN-IA Use Case Proposal – Hierarchical Domain based Network
17 May 2018 Comments on IEC65c-preCD-rev6p0
17 May 2018 Comments on the use cases document
30 Apr 2018 Industrial Use Cases – status update
30 Apr 2018 Industrial Use Cases
09 Mar 2018 Multivendor Motion Control
08 Mar 2018 TSN-IA Network Model
25 Jan 2018 LNI traffic patterns for TSN
24 Jan 2018 Avnu & Industrial Profiling for TSN
24 Jan 2018 IEC/IEEE 802 cooperation process
24 Jan 2018 Follow up of Establishing a joint group between IEC 65C/MT9 and IEEE 802.1
06 Nov 2017 IEC/IEEE Dual Logo Agreement – Joint Development
03 Oct 2017 IEC/IEEE JWG proposal
06 Sep 2017 Establishing a joint group between IEC 65C/MT9 and IEEE 802.1

The above list includes only the latest version of updated documents and omits those superseded by subsequent discussion or inclusion in the current draft (see filenames beginning “60802-” in the 2017, 2018, or 2019 public directories for a complete list). The dates listed are the website file dates; they may differ from the creation dates in the documents.

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