Agenda: IEEE 802 Nendica Teleconference-old

Draft Agenda, Nendica Teleconference
TopicSubtopicSubtopic DetailDoc/LinkType*Leadmin
InformationDate/time 2020-02-20, 09:00-11:00 ET
Connect via ZoomNote: Meeting open to anyone interestedconnect at
OpeningCall to OrderIMarks1
Identify secretary0
Guidelines for IEEE SA MeetingsGuidelines for IEEE-SA MeetingsI1
IEEE SA Copyright PolicyIEEE SA Copyright SlidesI1
IEEE SA ParticipationIEEE SA ParticipationI1
IEEE 802 ParticipationIEEE 802 ParticipationI1
IEEE ICCOM requirementsIEEE ICCOM requirementsI0
Nendica ProceduresNendica ProceduresI0
AttendanceLog Attendance hereI1
Membership: noneI0
Agendaany modifications to the Agendaapproval of the agenda as displayedV1
Work Items
FFIoTComment Resolution (as necessary)Call for CommentsD,AZein60
Nendica Mentor ServerI
review draft minutes of Nendica teleconference of 2020-02-11IEEE 802.1-20-0016-00D2
ICCOM Issues
Status update: ICCOM request (of 2020-01-29) for Nendica annual report was submitted 2020-02-12 Report 802.1-20-0013-01-ICneIMarks1
Potential New Work Items
Data Center NetworksReportI1
Flow and Stream InterworkingReportI1
Future Meetings
2020-03-05 09:00-11:00 ETif necessary [could authorize Chair to cancel it by ~March 2 if no contributions arise]A2
Week of 2020-03-15, Atlantadraft agendaI,D3
Week of 2020-05-18: Pasadena (IEEE 802.1 Interim)I,D3
[possible] Week of 2020-05-11, Warsaw[note: on recent teleconferences, no interest has been indicated in holding this meeting]I,D3
New Business
Any other businessI,D3
*I=Information D=Discussion A=Action V=Vote/Decision87