Agenda: IEEE 802 Nendica Meeting

Draft Agenda, Nendica Meeting, 2019-03-12/13 (Vancouver)
TopicSubtopicSubtopic DetailDoc/LinkType*Leadmin
InformationDate/time2019-03-12 19:30 and 2019-03-13 08:00 connection link available upon request to the ChairNote: Meeting open to anyone
OpeningCall to Order0
Identify secretary1
Guidelines for IEEE-SA MeetingsGuidelines for IEEE-SA MeetingsI1
IEEE 802 ParticipationIEEE 802 ParticipationI1
IEEE ICCOM requirementsIEEE ICCOM requirementsI1
Nendica ProceduresNendica ProceduresI1
Agendaany modifications to the draft agendaTo approve the agenda as displayedV1
Nendica Web Site Nendica Web Site I1
Nendica Mentor Server Nendica Mentor Server I1
Membership: noneI0
Attendanceregister using 802.1 IMATRegister with 802.1 IMATI2
Nendica Meeting Overview802.1-19-0023IMarks2
To approve 802.1-19-0021-00 as the minutes of the Nendica teleconference meeting of 2019-02-28 Draft Minutes V1
Future Directions
ICAID RenewalAddress comments received on draft ICAID renewal [Note: This topic may be continued at followup meeting 2019-03-13 08:00, depending on comments received.] ICAID Extension and Revision (Proposed Draft, as revised) I,D10
Review compiled commentsSee document to be posted following comment deadline of 2019-03-12 18:30 I,D
To agree to forward ICAID renewal draft accompanied by 2018 Annual Nendica Report and ICCOM Nendica Status Report as background information ICAID Extension and Revision (Proposed Draft, as revised) V
2018 Annual Nendica Report
ICCOM Nendica Status Report
Potential new Work ItemsD5
Work Items
Flexible Factory IoT (FFIOT)Zein30
Call for Comments statusI,D
Update of draftV
Referred issues802.21 Study Group topic: "VR SG meeting plan"VR SG meeting planDSeo60
Work Items (continued): Wednesday AM1Lossless Data Center Networks (LLDCN)Congdon
any followups to publicity of last autumnIEEE-SA Beyond StandardsI,D3
NANOG 75 update and followup actionsIEEE 802.1-19-0004-01I,DMarks3
Followup to "Congestion Management for Ethernet-based Lossless DataCenter Networks"IEEE 802.1-19-0012-00I,DEscudero Sahuquillo
and presentationIEEE 802.1-19-0020-00I,DEscudero Sahuquillo60
decide on followup actionsD30
Future MeetingsI,D10
in-person: May 2019 IEEE 802 Wireless Interim (Atlanta, 2019-05-14)One two-hour slot:
•Tue 19:30
in-person: May 2019 IEEE 802.1 Interim (Salt Lake City, 2019-05-20/21)Three two-hour slots:
•Mon 13:30
•Tue 13:30
•Tue 19:30
in-person: Vienna (IEEE 802 Plenary) 2019-07-16Two-hour slot:
•Tue 19:30
•possible additional time slots as necessary
telecons [for FFIOT comment resolution, LLDCN planning, and other topics]need to set a scheduleA
New Business
Any other businessI,D3
Total: 229
*I=Information D=Discussion A=Action V=Vote/Decision