802.1AEbn-2011: MAC Security (MACsec)–GCM-AES-256 Cipher Suite

Full title: IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Media Access Control (MAC) Security–Amendment 1: Galois Counter Mode–Advanced Encryption Standard–256 (GCM-AES-256) Cipher Suite

This amendment to IEEE Std 802.1AE–2006 specified the GCM-AES-256 Cipher Suite in addition to the mandatory to implement Default Cipher Suite, GCM-AES-128. It added references to the MACsec Key Agreement Protocol (MKA) specified in IEEE Std 802.1X-2010, and updated other references.

Current Status

Standard IEEE Std 802.1AEbn-2011
Status Available free from the IEEE Get Program.
Merged into/superseded by IEEE Std 802.1AE-2018
Editor Mick Seaman