Agenda: IEEE 802 Nendica Electronic Meeting (Week A)

Draft Agenda, Nendica Electronic Meeting


Topic Subtopic Subtopic Detail Doc/Link Type* Lead min
1. Opening Call to Order         <1
  Identify secretary         <1
  Meeting Guidelines, Copyright Policy, Attendance see material at link, as provided in the agenda before the meeting Meeting Introduction Slides I   3
  Membership: all participate as members     I   <1
  IEEE ICCOM requirements   IEEE ICCOM requirements I   <1
  Attendance Register attendance and affiliation (IEEE web account required) Log Attendance using IMAT here I   1
  Nendica Procedures   Nendica Procedures I   0
2. Approval of Agenda any modifications to the draft agenda To approve the agenda as displayed   V   1
3. Update       I    
  Nendica Web Site   Nendica Web Site I   <1
  Nendica Mentor Server   Nendica Mentor Server I   1
4. Minutes           5
    To approve “Minutes of the Nendica meeting held 2020-04-15 09:00-11:00 ET”   A    
5. Stream and Flow Interworking [SFI] Work Item Stream and Flow Interworking [SFI]     I Marks 1
6. Data Center Networks [DCN] Work Item Data Centers Networks [DCN]         10
    Plan for completion and publication Data Centers Networks [DCN] D Congdon  
7. Study Items       D    

Cut-Through Forwarding in Bridges and Bridged Networks [CTF]

D Specht 60
    CTF contributions 802.1-21-0015-04      
    potential new topics   D   5
8. Nendica organization   Need to prepare for Nendica ICAID renewal
see Item 3 above;
anticipated submittal deadline: 2021-06-08
    Contribution (previously presented) Draft Nendica ICAID Renewal Plan      
    Contribution (previously presented)      
    Contribution (previously presented)      
    Other Contributions
9. Future Meetings    
    802.1 WG authorization motion, 2021-03-16 802.1 authorizes Nendica to hold weekly electronic
meetings each Thursday 09:00-11:00 ET.
– Access and agenda information are provided on the calendar at
    subsequent meetings, including CTF-focus meetings  nominally every week; see calendar on Nendica web page I    
10. Other Business            
    Any other business   I,D   5
    *I=Information D=Discussion A=Action V=Vote/Decision