IEEE ICCOM requirements

IEEE-SA Industry Connections Committee Operations Manual11.1All activity meetings shall be conducted in compliance with all applicable laws, including antitrust and competition laws. In the course of activity work product development, participants shall not engage in fixing product prices, allocating customers, dividing sales markets, or other conduct that violates antitrust or competition laws.essentially addressed in "Guidelines for IEEE-SA Meetings"
IEEE-SA Industry Connections Committee Operations Manual11.2No discussions or other communications regarding the following topics shall occur during IC activity meetings or other duly authorized IC activities:
-The status or substance of ongoing or threatened litigation
-The essentiality, interpretation, or validity of patent claims
-Specific patent license terms or other intellectual property rights
 in "Guidelines for IEEE-SA Meetings"
IEEE-SA Industry Connections Committee Operations Manual11.3When comparing different technical approaches in activity work product development, participants may discuss the relative costs (in terms for example, of percentage increases or decreases) of different proposed technical approaches in comparison with the relative technical performance increases or decreases of those proposals. Technical considerations should be the main focus of discussions in the work product development activities.essentially addressed in "Guidelines for IEEE-SA Meetings"
IEEE-SA Industry Connections Committee Operations Manual12All participants in IC activities, whether IEEE members or not, shall adhere to the IEEE Code of Ethics as stated in subclause 7.8 of the IEEE Policies.IEEE Code of Ethics
IEEE-SA Industry Connections Committee Operations Manual13Every member and participant in an IC activity shall disclose his or her employer and any other affiliations as defined in subclause of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws.IEEE-SA FAQs: Disclosures of Affiliation
Per email from IEEE SA staff to Nendica Chair of 2019-11-20IEEE Industry Connections Activities must comply with several of the IEEE standards development working group policies and procedures, including rules on recording meetings.

Please be aware of the following, based on SASB Operations Manual clause

1. An officer of an IC Activity or one of its subgroups, unless prohibited by the P & P of the IC Activity, is permitted to record, via either audio or slideshow recording only, the proceedings of an IC Activity meeting for which he or she is responsible. Recording of the proceedings by any other participant or observer, in part or in whole, via any means, is prohibited.
2. The IC Activity or subgroup officer shall use the recording exclusively for the purpose of generating minutes. The officer shall not copy or further distribute the recording. Once the meeting minutes have been prepared, the officer shall delete the recording.
3.  Any IC Activity meeting may be recorded for preparation of the meeting minutes. If recording is expected to occur, the following steps shall be taken:

• The intent to record for preparation of the meeting minutes shall be noted on the distributed meeting agenda.
• At the beginning of the meeting, the Chair or designee shall announce the intent to record the meeting and shall notify participants that remaining in the meeting is an agreement to be recorded.
• The fact of the announcement to record the meeting shall be included in the meeting minutes
Per email from IEEE SA staff to Nendica Chair of 2019-11-20Guidelines for Meeting Minutes:
The minutes shall concisely record the essential business of the Activity, including:

• Name of group
• Date and location of meeting
• Officer presiding, including the name of the secretary who wrote the minutes
• Meeting participants, including affiliation
• Approval of minutes of previous meeting
• Approval of agenda
• Brief summary of discussion and conclusions
• Motions exactly as they are stated, including the names of mover and seconder and the outcome of each motion
• Action items

All submissions, presentations, and reports considered during the meeting shall be referenced in the minutes, identifying the source of the submission. URLs should be provided where possible.

The following shall not be recorded in minutes:
- Transcriptions of detailed discussions
- Attributions of comments to specific participants