YANGsters Electronic Meeting Agenda – October 10, 2023

Webex Link
Meeting number (access code): 2347 885 4262
Meeting password: WeWriteYANG

  • Meeting introduction
  • IMAT Link
  • Agenda
    • Agenda Bash
    • 802.3 YANG Update
    • Ethernet Bridge YANG Issues
      • https://github.com/samans/draft-ybam-rfc8561bis/issues/19
      • bridge issue related to component names
        • There seems to be an issue in how the associations between interfaces and bridges are managed.
        • It is possible to instantiate several bridge instances using the YANG model. The bridge instances have component names, but the YANG model allows to use the same component name for several bridge instances. This leads to a case where associating the IETF interfaces to the bridge instances in a unique way is no longer possible, as the bridge component names may not be unique.
        • Review the current Qcw version of ieee802-dot1q-bridge.yang to determine if that version will resolve either issue.
    • Open Discussion
    • Weekly Call Agenda Requests
    • Any Other Business
      • 1588 YANG and inclusive language