YANGsters Electronic Meeting Agenda – February 28, 2023

Where:  Webex Link


  • Meeting introduction
    • Templates (Read latest version of admin-prepar-intro slides)
    • IMAT
    • Approval of agenda
  • Examples of derived-from-or-self() for augment statements in YANG
    • presentation to be loaded
  • Discussion about scope of comments related to YANG modules
    • If a module is imported and modified, comments on what was added or modified are appropriate
    • Goal is to reduce the burden on projects that need to modify published YANG modules (especially types modules)
  • Discuss agenda for Atlanta Plenary meeting
  • IEC 61360-4 – IEC/SC 3D – Common Data Dictionary and ECLASS relationship with YANG.
  • Update on private YANG Repository
    • Describe next steps
  • Open Discussion
    • What is new, upcoming, or topics that need investigation in the YANG area?
  • Weekly Call Agenda Requests
  • Any Other Business