802.1Qcr – Bridges and Bridged Networks Amendment: Asynchronous Traffic Shaping

The full title of this PAR is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks – Bridges and Bridged Networks Amendment: Asynchronous Traffic Shaping”.

This project specifies procedures and managed objects for a bridge to perform asynchronous traffic shaping over full-duplex links with constant bit data rates. Asynchronous traffic shaping provides an additional layer of shaped egress queues to merge flows into the existing queue structure. The required minimum number of independent queues at an egress port is adjustable and is at least the number of ingress ports of the particular bridge that require merging. The project provides an informative framework for worst case delay analysis in static networks/configurations.

There is well defined traffic that requires zero congestion loss and deterministic latency. Current bridging standards do not provide a sufficiently fine grained asynchronous traffic mechanism to meet these requirements without using network topology information. This project specifies mechanisms that do not rely on synchronous communication, thereby providing independence from clock synchronization mechanisms and higher link utilization than synchronous mechanisms.

Current Status

Status PAR approved Jun 30, 2016, TG ballot
Editor Johannes Specht



Date Document
09 Jan 2017 802.1Qcr, Draft 0.0
26 Apr 2017 802.1Qcr, Draft 0.1
15 May 2017 802.1Qcr, Draft 0.1: Proposed comment dispositions version 1
27 Jun 2017 802.1Qcr, Draft 0.1: Proposed comment dispositions version 2
20 Oct 2017 802.1Qcr, Draft 0.1: Comment dispositions
20 Oct 2017 802.1Qcr, Draft 0.2
06 Nov 2017 802.1Qcr, Draft 0.2: Proposed comment dispositions



Date Document
21 May 2015 Presentation new-tsn-specht-ubs-queues-0521-v0.pdf
24 May 2016 Presentation Qcr-specht-specification-mapping-proposal-0516-v01.pdf
27 Jul 2016 Presentation cr-nadas-combining-ATS-and-SRS-0716-v01.pdf
13 Sep 2016 Presentation cr-nadas-combining-ATS-and-SRS-0916-v01.pdf
10 Nov 2016 Presentation Qcr-specht-editing-1116-v01.pdf
12 Dec 2016 Presentation cr-nadas-SRS-for-TSN-use-cases-1216-v01.pdf
21 Feb 2017 Presentation cr-seaman-paternoster-policing-scheduling-0217-v02.pdf
13 Mar 2017 Presentation cr-seaman-paternoster-policing-scheduling-0317-v03.pdf
15 Mar 2017 Presentation cr-seaman-paternoster-ppt-0317-v01.pdf
06 Nov 2017 Presentation cr-specht-yang-1117-v01.pdf