P802.1Qch – Cyclic Queuing and Forwarding

The full title of this PAR is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks-Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges and Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment: Cyclic Queuing and Forwarding”.

This amendment specifies synchronized cyclic enqueuing and queue draining procedures, managed objects, and extensions to existing protocols that enable bridges and end stations to synchronize their transmission of frames to achieve zero congestion loss and deterministic latency.

This amendment specifies a transmission selection algorithm that allows deterministic delays through a bridged network to be easily calculated regardless of network topology. This is an improvement of the existing techniques that provides much simpler determination of network delays, reduces delivery jitter, and simplifies provision of deterministic services across a bridged LAN.

Current Status

Status PAR approved Feb 16, 2015.
Editor Tony Jeffree



Date Document
13 Jan 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 0.0
13 Mar 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 0.1
05 May 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 0.1 proposed comment dispositions
26 May 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 0.1 comment dispositions
19 Jul 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 0.2
11 Aug 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 1.0
10 Sep 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 1.0 proposed comment dispositions
13 Sep 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 1.0 comment dispositions
05 Oct 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 1.1 proposed comment dispositions
09 Nov 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 1.1 comment dispositions
09 Nov 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 1.1 comment dispositions
10 Nov 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 2.0
15 Dec 2016 802.1Qch, Draft 2.0 proposed comment dispositions



Date Document
14 Nov 2012 Presentation new-avb-mjt-back-to-the-future-1112-v01.pdf
23 Jan 2014 Presentation new-tsn-mjt-peristaltic-shaper-0114.pdf
11 Sep 2014 Presentation ch-mjt-cyclic-queuing-and-forwarding-par-csd-0814-v01.pdf
26 Sep 2014 Presentation ch-mjt-cyclic-queuing-and-forwarding-par-0914-v01.pdf
05 Nov 2014 Presentation ch-mjt-cyclic-queuing-and-fowarding-par-0914-v02.pdf
20 Jan 2016 Presentation ch-jeffree-cqf–timing-considerations-0116-v01.pptx