P802.1CBdb – FRER Extended Stream Identification Functions

This amendment specifies procedures and managed objects that add new stream identification functions. Additionally this amendment addresses errors and clarifications.

Stream identification is required by an increasing number of traffic management mechanisms implemented in Layer 2: ingress policing, traffic scheduling, congestion management, mapping to traffic classes, that make Ethernet networks suitable for a growing number of applications. Current stream identification methods defined in IEEE Std 802.1CB are insufficient for some of these applications.

Current Status

Status WG ballot
Current Draft D1.2 (15 Feb 2021)
PAR & CSD Full title: Draft Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks — Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability — Amendment: Extended Stream Identification Functions
PAR approved: 14 May 2018;
Editor Christophe Mangin


15 Feb 2021 P802.1CBdb, Draft 1.2
2 Feb 2021 P802.1CBdb, Draft 1.1 – Comment disposition
17 Dec 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 1.1
13 Nov 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 1.0 – Comment disposition
2 Sep 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 1.0
14 Jul 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.7 – Comment disposition
24 Jun 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.7
11 May 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.6 Intermediate draft
7 May 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.5 – Comment disposition
20 Feb 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.5
18 Feb 2020 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.4 – Comment disposition
10 Dec 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.4
19 Nov 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.3 – Comment disposition
8 Oct 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.3
26 Sep 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.2 – Comment disposition
26 Aug 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.2
21 Aug 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.1 – Comment disposition
19 Jun 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.1
16 May 2019 P802.1CBdb, Draft 0.0

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Important NOTICE on contributions.

21 Jan 2021 802.1CBdb/D1.1, editor’s report for the second WG ballot comments resolution
9 Nov 2020 802.1CBdb/D1.0, editor’s report for the initial WG ballot comments resolution
14 Jul 2020 802.1CBdb/D0.7, editor’s report for 6th TG ballot comments resolution
18 May 2020 802.1CBdb/D0.6, intermediate draft status
18 Mar 2020 802.1CBdb/D0.5, editor’s report for 5th TG ballot comments resolution
21 Jan 2020 802.1CBdb/D0.4, editor’s report for 4th TG ballot comments resolution
12 Nov 2019 802.1CBdb/D0.3, editor’s report for 3rd TG ballot comments resolution
16 Sep 2019 802.1CBdb/D0.2, editor’s report for 2nd TG ballot comments resolution
16 Jul 2019 802.1CBdb/D0.1, editor’s report for comments resolution
23 May 2019 802.1CBdb/D0.0 status
23 May 2019 How to spot untagged frames in EISS indications
13 Mar 2019 text contribution
16 Jan 2019 Sequence Number Mapping between TSN and DetNet MPLS Data Plane
16 Jan 2019 EISS-parameters-based Mask&Match Stream Identification Function
19 Dec 2018 MPLS Label Match
13 Nov 2018 802.1CBdb Generic stream identification function
29 Oct 2018 802.1CBdb Generic 2-level stream identification function
12 Sep 2018 802.1CBdb Generic Mask & Match stream identification function
27 Aug 2018 802.1CBdb Generic stream identification functions
8 Nov 2017 Generic Stream Identification functions: way forward
7 Sep 2017 Extension of Stream identification functions
14 Mar 2017 Stream identification for untagged Industrial Automation traffics

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