P802.1AS-Rev – Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications

The full title of this PAR is ” Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks – Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications”.

Note: this revision project supersedes and incorporates material developed in the  802.1ASbt amendment.

This standard specifies the protocol and procedures used to ensure that the synchronization requirements are met for time-sensitive applications, such as audio, video, and time-sensitive control, across networks; for example, IEEE 802 and similar media. This includes the maintenance of synchronized time during normal operation and following addition, removal, or failure of network components and network reconfiguration. It specifies the use of IEEE Std 1588 specifications where applicable in the context of IEEE Std 802.1Q. Synchronization to an externally provided timing signal (e.g., a recognized timing standard such as UTC or TAI) is not part of this standard but is not precluded.

This standard enables stations attached to bridged LANs to meet the respective jitter, wander, and time synchronization requirements for time-sensitive applications. This includes applications that involve multiple streams delivered to multiple endpoints. To facilitate the widespread use of bridged LANs for these applications, synchronization information is one of the components needed at each network element where time-sensitive application data are mapped or demapped or a time-sensitive function is performed. This standard leverages the work of the IEEE 1588 Working Group by developing the additional specifications needed to address these requirements.

Current Status

Status PAR approved Feb 16, 2015, TG ballot
Editor Geoff Garner



Date Document
09 Jan 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 0.8
26 Feb 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 0.9
15 May 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 1.0
10 Jul 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 1.0 proposed comment dispositions v0
03 Sep 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 1.0 proposed comment dispositions v1
11 Sep 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 1.0 comment dispositions
09 Oct 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 2.0
10 Jul 2015 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 2.0 proposed comment dispositions v0
02 Feb 2016 802.1AS-Rev, Draft 2.0 proposed comment dispositions v1
29 Feb 2016 802.1AS, Draft 2 comment dispositions
29 Apr 2016 802.1AS, Draft 3.0
13 Jul 2016 802.1AS, Draft 3.0 comment dispositions
22 Jul 2016 802.1AS, Draft 4.0
08 Sep 2016 802.1AS, Draft 4.1
07 Oct 2016 802.1AS, Draft 4.2
28 Oct 2016 802.1AS, Draft 4.2 proposed comment dispositions
20 Nov 2016 802.1AS, Draft 4 proposed comment dispositions
21 Nov 2016 802.1AS, Draft 4 comment dispositions



Please see the public documents repository for presentations on this topic

Date Document
07 Nov 2011 Presentation asbt-huang-measurement-of-link-delay-asymmetry-1031-v00.pdf
25 Nov 2015 Presentation as-cummings-security-notes-1115-v1.pdf
02 Dec 2015 Presentation as-cummings-security-notes-1115-v2.pdf
18 Jan 2016 Presentation asrev-caldana-FTM-parameters-0116-v01.pdf
19 Jan 2016 Presentation asrev-mjt-sourceportidentity-and-version-trace-v2-0116.pdf
14 Mar 2016 Presentation as-cummings-1588-common-p2p-0316-v1.pdf
16 Mar 2016 Presentation as-pannell-interoperable-Pdelays-0316-v1.pdf
20 May 2016 Presentation as-cummings-resolving-0516-v00.pdf
22 Jul 2016 Presentation as-cummings-profile-gateway-0716-v00.pdf
03 Nov 2016 Presentation as-cummings-data-set-enhancements-1116-v00.pdf