Security Task Group Minutes

Minutes of the Security Task Group meetings at IEEE 802 plenary and IEEE 802.1 interim meetings are included in the 802.1 Working Group minutes. The Working Group minutes and plenary slides record all formal motions and voting for the progression of work. Teleconferences are minuted separately. Decisions reached when resolving ballot comments are recorded in the disposition or proposed disposition of comments and are not usually separately recorded.

Recent meetings and teleconferences

30th October 2019 Teleconference

10th October 2019 Teleconference

13th August 2019 Teleconference

4th June 2019 Teleconference

May 2019 Interim Meeting (Salt Lake City) Minutes

9th April 2019 Teleconference

March 2019 Plenary Meeting (Vancouver, BC) Minutes

The Security Task Group did not meet in the January 2019 802.1 Interim Meeting.

November 2018 Plenary Meeting (Bangkok, Thailand) Minutes

23rd October 2018 Teleconference

1st October 2018 Teleconference

The Security Task Group did not meet in the September 2018 802.1 Interim Meeting.

July 2018 Plenary Meeting (San Diego, CA) Minutes

May 2018 Interim Meeting (Pittsburgh, PA) Minutes

March 2018 Plenary Meeting (Rosemont, IL) Minutes

January 2018 Interim Meeting (Geneva) Minutes

November 2017 Plenary Meeting (Orlando) Minutes

1st November 2017 Teleconference

31st October 2017 Teleconference

25th October 2017 Teleconference

18th October 2017 Teleconference

The Security Task Group did not meet in the September 2017 802.1 Interim Meeting.

July 2017 Plenary Meeting (Berlin) Minutes

May 2017 Interim Meeting (Stuttgart) Minutes

March 2017 Plenary Meeting (Vancouver, BC) Minutes

January 2017 Interim Meeting (Atlanta, GA) Minutes

November 2016 Plenary Meeting (San Antonio, TX) Minutes