P802E: Recommended Practice for Privacy Considerations for IEEE 802 Technologies

This recommended practice specifies a privacy threat model for IEEE 802 technologies and provides recommendations on how to protect against privacy threats.

The purpose of this recommended practice is to promote a consistent approach by IEEE 802 protocol developers to mitigate privacy threats identified in the specified privacy threat model and provide a privacy guideline.

Current Status

Draft P802E, Draft 1.1
Status Task Group Ballot resolution
Proposed disposition of comments
Prior drafts and dispositions of comments
PAR PAR approved September 3rd, 2015.
Editor Jerome Henry


27th October 2017 Privacy considerations in bridged networks

The above (possibly empty) list includes only the latest version of updated documents and omits those superseded by subsequent discussion or inclusion in the current draft (see filenames beginning “e-” in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 802.1 public directories for a past contributions). The dates listed are the website file dates and often differ from creation dates in the documents.

The drafts, dispositions of comments, and contributions to this project are also available from the 802 EC Privacy Recommendation Study Group document pages on Mentor (sign in required for working documents). Although the Study Group was disbanded (as is usual practice) when the PAR was approved, these pages are still maintained. A historical introduction to the initial work of the Study Group is here.