P802.1Xck: Port-Based Network Access Control—Amendment 2:
YANG Data Model

This amendment specifies a YANG data model that allows configuration and status reporting for port-based network access control in the scenarios described in Clause 7 of this standard and Clause 11 of IEEE Std 802.1AE, using the information model already specified in clause 12.9 of IEEE Std 802.1X. This amendment will also resolve any maintenance items that have been submitted on IEEE Std 802.1X.

YANG (Request For Comment (RFC) 6020) is a formalized data modeling language that can be used by NETCONF, a widely accepted protocol that is being used to simplify network configuration. Other standards development organizations (e.g. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the Metro Ethernet Forum) have adopted YANG, and are developing a broad range of data models. Development of a YANG data model for the manageable entities specified in IEEE Std 802.1X will support this industry wide effort.

Current Status

Draft P802.1Xck, Draft 2.2
Status Approved by the IEEE Standards Board September 27th, 2018.
(Next step pre-publication editing)
Prior drafts and dispositions of comments
PAR PAR approved September 3rd, 2015.
Editor Marc Holness

Presentations and contributions

13th July 2017 P802.1Xck YANG Instance Document
31st August 2016 SSCI assignment for MACsec XPN Cipher Suites
10th July 2017 Protocol entities, service access points, and YANG models
17th May 2016 802.1X Related Data Models

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This project has also benefitted from P802.1Qcp presentations and development.