P802.1AE-2018-Cor1: Tag Control Information Figure

Full title: IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks–Media Access Control (MAC) Security–Corrigendum 1: Tag Control Information Figure

This corrigendum replaces Figure 9-4 of IEEE Std 802.1AE-2018 with Figure 9-4 of IEEE Std 802.1AE-2006. This corrects the inadvertent use, in IEEE Std 802.1AE-2018, of a figure from an early draft of IEEE Std 802.1AE-2006.

Current Status

Draft P802.1AE-2018/Cor1, Draft 1.0
Status Approved as an IEEE Standard June 4th 2020
Pre-publication copy editing in progress
PAR PAR approved May 21st, 2019.
Editor Mick Seaman