802.1AC-2016/Cor-1 LLC Encapsulation EtherType

The full title of this corrigendum is “Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks — Media Access Control (MAC) Service Definition — Corrigendum 1: Logical Link Control (LLC) Encapsulation EtherType”.

This corrigendum corrects the value of the LLC Encapsulation EtherType to a value consistent with industry practice.

Current Status

Status PAR approved Sep 2017.
Editor John Messenger



Date Document
6 Nov 2017 802.1AC-2016/Cor-1, Editor’s Draft 1.0
7 Nov 2017 802.1AC-2016/Cor-1, Draft 1.1
9 Nov 2017 802.1AC-2016/Cor-1, Draft 1.2
17 Feb 2018 802.1AC-2016/Cor-1, Draft 2.0



Date Document
8 Jul 2017 Liaison received from IETF