(terminated) Nendica Study Item: Managed LAN as a Service [MLaaS]

Study Item Leader:

  • Wei Qiu (Huawei)

Terminating Motion (2020-11-05):

  • To terminate the Managed LAN as a Service Study Item

Initiating Motion (2019-07-18):

  • To initiate a Nendica Study Item to lead to a Nendica Report on Managed LAN as a Service (MLaaS), developing within the Study item:
    • Documented Requirements,
    • Demonstration of current gaps,
    • Demonstration of feasible approaches to closing gaps
    • with a focus on the scenario where LAN is planned, implemented, operated and maintained by a remote service provider and a focus on Layer 2 and up.

Procedures to initiate Work Item:

  • Formal Work Item proposal
    • Demonstrate industry interest
    • Demonstrate fit with scope
    • Identify Editor
  • With Nendica agreement, circulate for comment
    • Circulated to 802 EC
    • Circulated on Nendica web site
  • Approval: Nendica vote at face-to-face meeting


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