Agenda: IEEE 802 Technical Plenary Meeting 2022-07-11


This is the fourth in a series on a wider discussion of the 802 Overview & Architecture.

The goal is to facilitate a broader 802 architecture discussion that can be used as input to the EC workshop topic on “802 Architecture and Technical Coherence” after the July plenary. The agenda would comprise of a level-set so that we understand the architecture from the perspective of the 802 WGs. Each WG is asked to present a few slides to indicate their standard’s architecture, where it is defined, and what they understand their relationship is to IEEE Std 802 Overview and Architecture. Such a discussion would help identify where the current commonalities are and can help us then move into an informed discussion of an amendment for the reorganization of Std 802 and for an EC discussion. The agenda would conclude with a summary of the IEEE Std 802 revision project and the plan for its completion.

Attendance is open to all 802 WG participants. WG chairs are invited to identify at least one voting member to attend.


  • Monday, July 11, 2022, 6-8pm ET
  • Electronic only – JOIN WEBEX MEETING
    • Meeting number (access code):  2349 410 2900
    • Meeting password:  tutorial


Topic Subtopic Document Presenter min
1. Meeting introduction and other administrative items.     Glenn Parsons 10
  Meeting Introduction
(please review in advance)
Meeting Introduction Slides    
  Attendance Log Attendance using IMAT here    
3. P802-REV       20
  Process plan P802-REVc process Paul Congdon 20
4. IEEE 802 WG architecture       80
  Introduction 802 discussion Glenn Parsons 5
  802.1 WG 802.1 Architecture Mick Seaman 15
  802.3 WG 802.3 architecture George Zimmerman 15
  802.11 WG 802.11 use of 802 architecture Dorothy Stanley 15
  802.15 WG alignment with 802.1 Clint Powell 15
  Discussion…     15
4. Next meeting     Glenn Parsons 5
5. Any other Business