YANGsters Electronic Meeting Agenda – MAY 11, 2021


  • Meeting introduction
    • Templates (Read latest version of admin-prepar-intro slides)
    • IMAT: Imat Link
    • Approval of agenda
  • New Discussion Topics
    • Reference statement text format in YANG
    • UML-like diagrams and the mapping of datatypes used
    • Qrev YANG restructuring recap
  • On-going Work Status
    • YANG Language Enhancements (for example string equivalence)
    • YANG Packages/Module Tags
  • Tutorials/Guideline Updates
    • Yanglint and xpath examples
  • Review Issues List
  • Open Discussion
    • What is new, upcoming, or topics that need investigation in the YANG area?
  • Weekly Call Agenda Requests
  • Any Other Business