YANGsters Issue List

IssueShort Description
Semantics of read-write in YANGDiscussion of sophisticated mechanisms that can be used to protect leaf values. Along with YANG statements/substatements like config and mandatory, the following RFC discusses a model to control access.
IETF RFC 8519 describes a YANG Model for Access Control Lists
YANG RevisionsDealing with YANG revision management and the issue of multiple projects working on YANG modules concurrently
YANG Versioning Solution Overview
YANG Semantic Versioning
Pretty Printing DiscussionPretty Printer
Finalize where Pretty Printer will be stored and the Copyright details.
NETMOD YANG reviewsReview Appendix A
Current Discussion Thread on IETF NETMOD List

Mapping of Managed Objects to YANG artifactsIs it necessary for YANG to return exactly what the standard says, or can there be a mapping that uses more appropriate YANG constructs. For example Boolean vs. Enumeration