YANG Check Script

In order to run the IEEE YANG Check Script…

  1. Ensure you have pyang installed and it is in your path
  2. Be in the top-level directory of your clone of the yang catalog’s github repository
  3. run the command
    1. sh standard/ieee/check.sh
  4. Ensure there are no errors from running the script

Some editors temporarily introduce an error in one of their files to make sure that the check script is picking up errors. There are times when the check script can be broken in a way that anything will pass the validation. So it is good to check the check script is working.

If you have a new project, you will need to edit the check script to add your project.

There is a directive in check.sh called to_check. Add your directory there. This is an example of the to_check directive:

to_check=”draft/802 draft/802.1 draft/802.1/ABcu draft/802.1/AEdk draft/802.1/CBcv draft/802.1/CBdb draft/802.1/Qcw draft/802.1/QRev draft/802.1/Qcz draft/802.3 published/1906.1 published/802 published/802.1″

If you have a draft project that needs files from another draft project there is a file called “check_pyang_extra_flags”

Add the path to the draft file you need (if more than one separate by blanks)

Example check_pyang_extra_flags:

-p ../ABcu